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Jailbreak: Completed it mate

If you’ve been seriously living under a rock for the past month, you MAY have missed the incredible event that was Jailbreak 2016. We had 15 teams race to get out of the country as fast as they could, with 52 hours to get as far away from Cardiff as possible, without spending any of their own money on transport. Whilst on their travels, students completed a number of challenges and raised money for Cardiff Volunteering, the SU’s in house independent charity.

It all began on a sunny Friday morning, with teams of students arriving from 12.30pm, bringing the rain with them! Every team received a goodie bag per person, an information “bible”, a charity collection pot and an egg (more on this later). After photos, words of wisdom and a few outfit changes, our teams assembled at the front steps for the countdown!

When the clock struck 2, the teams raced off – at least 3 teams straight into awaiting cars!! We waved them goodbye and then raced back upstairs ourselves, to open Basecamp HQ! Volunteering staff and student volunteers manned the maps, text service and twitter pages to keep tabs on the teams throughout their journeys. Stories flooded in over the weekend, including being stuck in Newport, getting picked up by the Police and cars breaking down!

Our teams did an incredible job, reaching everywhere from England, Ireland and Scotland (they all made it out of Wales!) to Spain, Germany, Holland and Belgium. Teams blagged everything including flights, hotel rooms and even drinks at the bar! Our winning team, Wes Brown, managed to blag their way to Istanbul and back – although it was touch and go at one point getting a ride back from London! We are seriously impressed at this team’s organisation – they knew exactly what to do to maximise their distance!

The challenges we assigned teams ranged from best jump photo, to giving flowers to a stranger, to bringing back the tackiest souvenir. One of our favourites was assigning every team a (raw) egg and challenging them to keep it intact for the whole weekend, sending us photos of their egg on its journey! Surprisingly, most teams brought their egg back in one piece, so we will have to think of a tougher challenge next year!

Special mentions must go to Team Lost and LegEnds of the Earth, who set themselves the challenge of not spending ANY money on transport so they could maximise their charity donation – both teams made it to France which we think is a HUGE achievement! Another big well done to The Lost Boys, who managed to travel all the way up to Inverness, Scotland without flying!

Here at Cardiff Volunteering we’d like to say a massive THANK YOU to all our participants – Jailbreak couldn’t happen without you and your wacky fancy dress, cheesy chat up lines and video submissions which certainly kept us all entertained over the weekend. We’d also like to take the chance to say thank you to all of our lovely basecamp volunteers who kept spirits high and energy levels up in the Volunteering Offices! Finally, we’d love to say thank you to the many local and national companies that donated prizes for the different categories – they definitely provided a huge incentive for our teams to give it their all! You can find a full list of companies on our twitter.

Our official celebration event is on Monday, 14th March where we’ll be announcing the remaining prize category winners. You can still donate to any of our teams by visiting!

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