Ladies’ Hockey: Swansea 1-3 Cardiff

By Olivia Abbott

The Ladies’ Hockey club came out victorious once again in the Varsity match, beating Swansea 3-1.

Having won on flicks last year, we were determined to walk away with a convincing win this year. After a strong start from both teams, we started to dominate and quickly gained ourselves a short corner, unfortunately after being slipped out to the right, the shot was was saved by the keeper.

After 15 minutes of patience and a couple of missed opportunities, Zoe Balfour took a first touch strike straight off the Swansea goalie’s clearance to take us 1-0 up. This raised the teams’ determination even further and we were swiftly awarded a second short corner after a foot from Swansea in the ‘D’. The ball was sent to Alex Graham who slapped it in before Jessica Greaves got a touch just in front of the keeper, sending it around the keeper and into the net.

At 2-0, playing in the sun and nearing the end of the first half the energy levels were dropping and we lost our drive and communication. Swansea took advantage of our laxity and lethargy and sent a ball across the goal to an unmarked player on the post.

At half-time the score remained at 2-1, however after a short break and some tactical changes we were ready to get back on the pitch. Cardiff went out strong and played a patient game of hockey, distributing the ball out to the wings to utilise the full pitch.

With 15 minutes left on the clock we were awarded a third short corner. Olivia Abbott lined up for the drag flick and at the last moment slipped in under her right shoulder for Jessica Greaves to pick up. A strike from Jessica flew into the bottom left corner at a speed that left Swansea with no time to react. At the final whistle the score was 3-1, and with Cardiff having around 80% of possession, this was a fair score for a match in which both teams fought hard.

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