Ladies’ Lacrosse: Swansea 2-17 Cardiff

By Alice Petheram

With a final score of 17-2, Cardiff ladies’ Lacrosse team absolutely smashed it at Varsity. In similar fashion to last year and the wise words of Greg McChesney: “One has to wonder what was in the Lacrosse Team’s breakfast” after this annihilation.

The first few minutes were extremely tense with Swansea taking an early three shots on goal which were luckily saved by Cardiff’s agile goaltender, Sophie Thorbek. This brief onslaught slightly rocked the boat, but soon afterwards Cardiff scored a goal and subsequently, their confidence was back up to its usual swagger-like level. The goals soon continued to hit the back of the net as Cardiff grew with confidence.

At half time, captains Rebecca Jordache, a Great Britain team member, and Ella Fairlie led a discussion about how the half had gone as the girls in Red wanted to continue their barrage on the Swansea net.

The score was 10-0 to Cardiff with goals from Fiona Tait, Jordache, Jess Benelli, Sophie Snell and Flora Milne.

Swansea scored twice in the second half however, this was no match for Cardiff who scored seven more times to well and truly put the game to bed. A combination of a strong defence, quick midfield transitions and determined re-defending guaranteed yet another Varsity win for Cardiff Lacrosse; especially after last years’ 18-4 domination.

At the end of the game, the team were deservedly greeted by a champagne shower to celebrate their tour-de-force victory.

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