Ladies University Rugby: Swansea 7 – 17 Cardiff


Swansea 7 – 17 Cardiff

Team: N. Harrison, A. White, H. Cox, J. Benton, L. Cooper, A. Fleming, A. Berry, B. Strafford (C), H. Brench-Jones, K. Davies, N. Earl, E. Davis, H. Beatle, J. AP, M. O’Sullivan, K. Davies, S. Hamer, L. Waddelove, R. Harris, C. Francis, E. Badhams, M. Compton.

Match Report:
With all the trash talk from the Swansea ladies this week due to the Varsity launch, Cardiff knew
they were in for a tough game. The conditions were not great to play in, as the wind and hail
battered the players. Cardiff were playing into the wind for the first half and spent most of the first period in their own 22.

They did manage to break through the Swansea line, which allowed Megan O’Sullivan to score the first try for Cardiff, but it could not be converted. Swansea pushed Cardiff back to their own try line and constantly put pressure on the Cardiff defence. Several times they tried to score but each time they were held up until just before halftime. Swansea managed to break the Cardiff defence to score their only try of the match, which was successfully converted.

The second half was much of the same, constant pressure by Swansea and most of the play happening in Cardiff’s own 22. With the pressure Swansea were applying to Cardiff, lots of penalties were handed to Swansea. And, with an accumulation of fouls, the referee was left with no choice but to give out a yellow card. Even with some scrappy attacking from Cardiff, two more tries were scored by Megan O’Sullivan and Kasia Davies, one of which was converted by Elinor Davis. Cardiff did very well defensively in the second half, fighting by their own try line most of the time. Several times Swansea attacked, but every single time the Cardiff defence held them up. The game was a tough one but a well deserved win for the Cardiff Ladies.

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