Learning from disappointing results

So you’re getting back in to the swing of lectures after the exam period and the subsequent refresher’s week, but now the results are coming back. For many, the results will be good, but sadly not all of us will be so fortunate. It is annoying for some, who put in a tremendous amount of effort with the ASSL becoming a second home. At some point in your lives you will be given negative feedback on one thing or another, so hopefully this will prepare you.

For the majority of those of you in your first year it shouldn’t be too bad, if it’s above 40% then you can scrape a pass and blissfully skip through the year whilst continuing to embrace weekly nights out. However for those in the later years it’s a different story. Depending on the course, you can possibly make up for it in the summer, since some modules are year-long. For those like myself who are receiving entire module marks, the topic is much more harrowing since this year counts, along with the fact that this is ¼ of my degree. But say the grades I received were terrible, after a few days of emotional rollercoasters and giant diet crashes, I would have to compose myself and face up to it. So you failed a piece of coursework or an essay. You are safe in the knowledge that August resits are a possibility. They may ruin your summer, but sadly if that is the price you must pay for a decent degree then so be it.

If you take this opportunity, you can see your strengths and weaknesses. In doing this the most crucial part is to ask: ask for feedback, ask where or how you went wrong and how to improve. The lecturers and tutors may seem scary but they are there to help you at the end of the day. Some may even be willing to sit down with you and give you constructive feedback that you must not take to heart because it is extremely valuable. Much more important than the feedback is the lessons you take from it. You must come to the realisation of where you can make up marks for the year in other modules and better prepare for those upcoming exams and coursework to come in May & June. Take the advice given by your lecturers or tutors and apply it with grace. Constructive feedback is ultimately just another lesson each of us must accept, some having to retake, others having to make up for it in the next semester. Just be sure not to beat yourself up too much about it, more importantly don’t find yourself drowning your sorrows with vodka shots in the SU on a Wednesday or Saturday night. Just be mindful of how to better prepare yourself for the next few months. A few trips to the library after lectures never hurt anyone.


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