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The “Beer and Bingo” tax reduction advert has been subject to widespread criticism from both the Liberal Democrat and Labour party since it entered the social sphere roughly a week ago. Both parties have argued that the advert is patronising towards targeted audiences and I’m inclined to agree with them.

When you look at this advert it almost seems satirical. My main beef with the Conservative party is their continued effort to reach out to the working-class members of society that their manifestos aggressively alienate.

My honest belief is that the Conservative party strive solely to serve the interests of financial elitism, achieved by increasing taxes aimed at those of lesser financial income and decreasing taxes of those with greater financial income. I know this simplifies what is a very complex political situation, but that is my overall genuine opinion of the Conservative party, which I feel will help you understand my outrage at their latest PR stunt with this advert.

As previously mentioned, the Conservative party are completely disenfranchised with working-class members of Britain’s society. This advert is screaming testament. A reoccurring phrase that the Tories love to use in their ad campaigns is “The hard-working people”, which is a spineless tactic to target and label working class people without actually addressing them as so.

Obviously it’s not going to work for them if they write “Oi, working-class people! We’re cutting taxes on your favourite things… Beer and Bingo!” so they adopt the phrase “Hard-working” to soften the stereotype and assertion of lower class. Always look out for that in Tory ads. It’s not a compliment. It’s a ditch effort to try and compliment a populace of people that they couldn’t be further from.

It’s laughable that the Conservative’s chose to promote such meaningless and tasteless plans when you compare them to the barrage of vicious cuts that have been taken out during their current term. Cut’s to the NHS, to Police Services, Bedroom Taxes, refusal of Land Taxes, steeply increased VAT, increased duties on cigarettes and alcohol… The list is formidable and endless and concisely target’s the poorer members of today’s society, whilst bettering the income of the wealthy Tory counterparts.

When you take all of these things into consideration, it really highlights how condescending this advert actually is. After introducing tax upon tax that targets the vulnerable, the Conservative party produce this miserable advert in a desperate attempt to appease and satiate the apparent needs of the people they consistently damage with their policies.

Another problem with this advert is that is forgets to mention that this tax reduction will only knock a penny off the price of beer at the moment.

This is typical shoddy media production that serves only to manipulate audience perception. This message doesn’t tell people the statistics of tax reductions, largely because it’s not going to make the damndest difference to people’s budgets. Again this adds to the patronising and degrading manner in which conservatives address the working-class.

They assume that in making a brightly coloured image and whacking on essentially meaningless text on there that they’ll be able to deceive and attract members of society whom they actually appeal the least to.

When you really look at it this way, when you rationalise things, it can’t be conceived in any other way than shamefully disgusting and corrupt. This may seem like an adverse reaction to one singular advertisement in an on-going campaign, but this advert honestly speaks volumes about the sinister attitudes and values that lie at the heart of a morally corrupt political party.

Zachary Hughes

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