Movember Diaries: Week 1

It’s that time of year again! Time for Freddie Mercury enthusiasts and budding RAF wing commanders everywhere to join hands and piss off their girlfriends: Movember!

Every guy thinks that within thirty days, he’ll be boasting a Dali or a Sellick when the sad reality is that he’ll actually end up looking more like Beppe from Eastenders. Of course, for most gentlemen, the moustache is a sensitive issue, you must never directly or openly mock a man’s moustache, regardless of how paedophilic it makes him look.

Movember does, however, throw you some curveballs, it gives men everywhere a chance to flaunt their machismo with a justifiable reason and some guys even look half-decent with a ‘tash…see pictures of Zac Effron, his stout moustache stands in firm juxtaposition to his ridiculously feminine eyes.

Back to that ‘justifiable reason’ for growing your moustache, prostate cancer. It’s the most common kind of cancer in the UK among men and in 2008, almost 900,000 men worldwide were diagnosed with prostate cancer. Breast cancer has been ‘high-profile’ for a long time, with nearly every girl I know having done a 5km fun-run for it.

With that in mind, since men (and some grandmothers) are the only ones who can grow moustaches, why shouldn’t they in order to show support against a cancer that only they can develop?

So if you haven’t already started, I urge you to, even if you’re not raising money, just show your support, I’ve been called everything from ‘douchey art student dropout’ to ‘budding porn star’ and I’m still doing it so get involved!