New student night ‘Shake’ closes

Students’ Union club night Shake has closed due to low attendance, only weeks after its launch.

Cardiff University Students’ Union have confirmed that Monday night event Shake, held by an external promoter has been cancelled, after it failed to “attract a sufficient following to make it viable long term.”

The club night was launched only a month ago during Freshers’ week, where it initially attracted 2,000 students. However, according to an institutional spokesperson, despite a “busy Freshers’ period and being well received by those who attended it”, it failed to maintain its popularity.

“As a result, the promoter decided to withdraw the event on an ongoing basis”.

One bar member working at Shake reported that she returned from her shift at only 1.30am due to a lack of students.

“They let in a fair amount of people in but everyone had gone on to other places by 12.30 and it didn’t even take long to clear up and the end because we barely sold any drinks.”

The night was described on the Students’ Union website as “your Monday music mash up: playing anything WE want, and everything YOU want. It’s the best way to ruin your week.”

This is not the first time that a Union club night has collapsed due to a lack of attendance.

Last year alternative night Vinyl was also launched by the Union on a Monday night. However, despite initial feedback suggesting that the event would be welcomed by students, the night failed to attract “the supports of students in any substantial number”.

Feedback was received from students in 2014 which prompted the Union to launch an alternative night called Vinyl to meet suggested demands. The night failed to gain the support of students in any substantial number and was withdrawn based on limited attendance.

The failure of two consecutive Monday night events could be attributed to a number of well-established club nights, including ‘Bump n Grind’ and ‘Tiger Mondays’.

In spite of the news, the Union emphasised the continued success of its other club nights YOLO and Flux, which have “continued to grow in popularity and have sold out every night since Freshers’ Week with increasing profits going back into developing student services.”