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One Cardiff University student goes back to her childhood for a fundraising challenge in aid of!

by Lydia Ellis

My name is Lydia Ellis, I’m a second year politics and philosophy student at Cardiff Uni and I’m currently leading a fundraising challenge with several other Cardiff Uni students.

I’m dressing up as two things that I wanted to be when I was three to raise money for an amazing charity called finds out what is preventing children from an education, good health and a safe, protected environment by using a holistic approach. Then they do whatever the evidence suggests is the most effective way to change the situation, not just for one child but for generations to come.

I chose this dressing up challenge to reflect the fact that remove the barriers that stop children from having ambitions. I started on the 11th April and dressed up as an onion seller for the week and I will continue until the 24th April, (I even went to the politics and philosophy ball dressed as an onion seller). This week I’m a monkey with a big inflatable banana! These costumes were chosen by a poll that I set up that people who donated over £3 could vote in. Going into uni dressed up has been a challenge but I’ve really enjoyed it so far. I received an awful lot of ‘Bonjour’ ’s walking down the street and am nervous for what may come while I have my big banana and monkey onesie on!

Cardiff Uni students, Eve Ashton, Shannon O’loughlin, Liv Coombes and Rebecca Rowe will be joining me for a few days this week. Shannon is going to be a pirate, Liv’s a fairy, Rebecca will be an explorer and Eve will be strolling around Varsity dressed as a guinea pig!

So far I’ve raised £415 on my own and as a team we’re on £712! My final goal is £800 on my own and £1500 as a team. Here is the link to my fundraising page, you can find the rest of the team’s by scrolling down to the bottom.

I’m taking part in this fundraising challenge as part of Charity Apprentice, a year long course which gives future charity professionals valuable experience of the charity sector. The course features expert advice and content from across many large UK charities, and is delivered by Apprentices have the option to spend a month in sub-Saharan Africa visiting and learning about the projects their fundraising challenges support. I will be going to Kenya for a month in July and can’t wait.

-Lydia Ellis

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