Oxford University accidentally publicises the names of low-grade students in email mishap

50 Oxford University undergraduates were left humiliated after an email detailing the lowest performing students was accidentally sent around one of the University’s colleges.

The Oxford Student newspaper reported that the mishap occurred after an administrator mistakenly sent out the information in an email initially written to inform students of timetables for their imminent exams.

Students were quickly asked to “please delete the email previously sent out as it contained inaccuracies” but of course by then, many students had seen the document that disclosed the names of students who achieved a 2:2 or lower in their pre-Christmas exams.

University College’s Junior Common Room president Abi Reeves has emphasised how the email was a mistake, describing the staff member responsible as being “mortified” because “the disclosure of results was not intentional.”

Senior tutor of University College, Dr Anne Knowland, issued a public apology stating that, “We would like to apologise to all students affected by this inadvertent disclosure for any distress this has caused and reassure them that we are investigating exactly how this happened and are determined to make sure this does not happen again. University College takes the treatment of sensitive data very seriously.”

A student at Oxford University said that “everyone on the list is just trying to laugh it off. But in reality, no one feels comfortable with having something so personal shared with the entire college.”

Tan Guobadia, a second-year Law student at the college who was affected by the email, said ‘“I personally find it quite funny but I understand why some people might be upset.”

The email is believed to be sent to hundreds of students and included 9 Engineering students and 6 Law students.

Emma Giles

News Writeroxford-university-4_980084a