Park Strife: the Gate, the Bute and the Ugly

When was the last time you straddled a park gate?

By Toby Holloway, Benjamin Burton and Robert McMichael

The following is a press release by 4AllPublics:

People are being excluded from public space in Cardiff city centre. Every evening, Bute Park’s gates are shut to the general public in the name of order. This means that the public’s use of Bute Park is restricted and controlled by Cardiff Council, when it is, in fact, a space which should be at the liberty of Cardiff’s residents to access whenever they wish to do so.

For some groups whose lives are lived out in public space, such as the homeless, this represents a clear exclusion from an area which could be used as a place to sleep at night. The council is effectively excluding those who may require nightly use of the park in order to satisfy the aesthetic desires of temporary visitors.

Would you rather live in a city which prioritises appearance or is inclusive towards all social groups?

Bute Park should be for ALL.

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