Record number of bone marrow donor sign-ups for Cardiff society

The recently established Marrow Society of Cardiff University, in conjunction with the Anthony Nolan Charity, has finished a record breaking sign-up at Fresher’s Fayre this year, with an impressive 190 students registered in a single afternoon.

The society, which aims to make considerable progress in the struggle against leukaemia and other blood cancers, offers all students the chance to get involved in this fantastic scheme by joining the Stem Cell register. Students are also able to get involved in fundraising through a variety of events such as street collections or RAG week; the total raised currently standing at over £7000.

The Anthony Nolan Charity has been present as a foundation for 35 years to help facilitate stem cell transplants for the thousands of people urgently requiring them in the United Kingdom. Their remarkable history includes the creation of the UK’s first dedicated cord blood bank, alongside a world leading research institute. In its relatively short history the charity has grown immensely, with over 400,000 potential donors registered and around 171 members of staff. High profile supporters of the cause include professional footballer Peter Crouch and television star Charlie Brooker.

The university faction of Anthony Nolan’s fundraising and registering efforts, ‘Marrow’ is currently present in 40 UK universities and growing from strength to strength. Registering requires only a saliva sample and could potentially be lifesaving. Donors are not always required to be a direct relation of the recipient, in 70% of cases they are required to be unrelated, which can make finding a match extremely challenging. In fact one person may only have one match in the entire world!

Take the opportunity today to play your part in this hugely important cause.

Rebecca Smith
– News Writer