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Sign up to the bone marrow register

Cardiff Marrow are the Cardiff University based society who work under Anthony Nolan to sign people up to the bone marrow register in order to provide lifesaving matches for seriously ill patients in need of a transplant. Throughout the year, Cardiff Marrow run clinics, signing people onto the bone marrow register via saliva sample. At the clinics their trained volunteers raise awareness about bone marrow donation, help with the process of collecting information and saliva samples and answer any questions.

The mother of the student at the centre of an international campaign to find a rare stem cell donor is urging people to attend a donor drive on Wednesday the 3rd of February in the Cardiff University Main Building (2-5pm) to find a life-saving match for her daughter and help other patients in urgent need of a transplant.

24 year old Lara Casalotti from London was diagnosed with aggressive leukaemia just before Christmas. She urgently needs to find a stem cell donor within the next few weeks to save her life. But her mixed race heritage makes it very hard to find a match. Her parents are Chinese-Thai and Italian.

The campaign to find a match for Lara has gone international and attracted the support of celebrities such as JK Rowling, Mark Wahlberg, Gareth Bale and Stephen Fry. It’s even reached the House of Commons with David Cameron at Prime Minister’s Questions giving his backing to the campaign.

A series of events are being staged in universities around the country to recruit more donors, particularly those who are mixed race as there is an acute shortage of such donors.

Cardiff University students can sign up on Wednesday 3rd of February in the Viriamu Jones Gallery, Main Building. To sign up, all that’s needed is a saliva sample and the process take will take less than 20 minutes.

If you can’t make it, you can order a kit online from Anthony Nolan if your’re 16-30 or from Delete Blood Cancer UK if you’re 18-55.

More details about Lara and the match4lara campaign at

Anthony Nolan website:

Delete Blood Cancer website –

Or contact Cardiff Marrow directly with any questions –

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