Societies see huge rise in membership

Societies Officer Adam Curtis has declared himself “pretty stunned” at a huge rise in membership of societies.

Statistics this week show that the Freshers’ Fayres were an undoubted triumph, with huge increases in both membership and revenue. Following a successful Athletic Union Fayre, which saw a six per cent increase in membership and revenue, the two-day Societies Fayre surpassed this with a massive 24 per cent rise in new members. This is a great achievement, especially in light of the falling revenue and attendances seen in recent years.

Mr Curtis believes several factors contributed to this superb outcome, having worked closely with all societies in order to promote the huge range and number of societies available. He explained that a real emphasis on advertising through social media has played its part, saying: “We had been aiming for this [increase in membership] with more Facebook advertising and a Facebook event that attracted 900 people.”

Inside the Fayres, which were held in the Students’ Union’s Great Hall, further initiatives were in place to improve the experience for all involved. The Brass Band Society and the Debating Club both won awards for their friendliness and approachability throughout the two-day event.

This year also saw a large increase in the number of students signing up online, with two-thirds of society members using the web to register their interest in participating in the vast range of activities available across the Students’ Union.

For those that missed out, there are plans for another, smaller fayre, to take place during “Sort Your Life Out Week”, which will happen from November 19th to 23rd. This is a great opportunity to try out more of the 157 societies on offer to Cardiff University students.

One moment during the final day, which epitomised the good-natured atmosphere within the Great Hall, was when a gunfight broke out between the Nerf Society, and the Journalism Society. gair rhydd is pleased to report that, due to the foam ammunition, there were no fatalities.