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Society Spotlight: Airsoft at Strikeforce Gloucester

By Tom Morris

Having been a member of Cardiff University Airsoft Society, or CUAS, since refreshers week of my first year, this spotlight is a little different to the others so far- I’m so well ingrained within the society that I live with three other members.

However, I’d never quite managed to visit this particular site- making their recent trip to Strikeforce Gloucester a worthwhile event to attend.

First, what is Airsoft? The default answer most members give is that it’s like paintball. Players head on out to a woodland, or an old warehouse, or a well-sealed Great Hall (basically anywhere there’s nothing precious to get damaged) and bring with them an assortment of plastic gun replicas. They then proceed to shoot small plastic ball bearings at each other (in teams, usually aiming to take an objective, similar to in a shooter video game). If you’re hit, you know it, and you’ve got to shout “Hit!” before returning to base to start again.

This particular Saturday the society had hired out all of Strikeforce CQB (that’s Close Quarters Battle) for private use. It’s basically an old warehouse in Gloucester filled with plyboard walls to hide behind when cowering.

Highlights of the day for me include when Alister, an Architecture student, jumped out from behind a wall I was using for cover, got a hit on myself and another player across the way with one shot from his crossed pistols, before landing and taking a bow whilst enemy fire rained down on his entire body. Another would have to be when I decided to wear my red hoody instead of camouflage for one game, but it turned out to be the target game so I spent the whole time convinced I was the target. I wasn’t.

CUAS are a vibrant society, with activities from poker nights to circuit training which accentuate the central attraction of “pew-pew”- if you’re looking for a social society which likes to do exciting stuff, it’s the place to be.

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