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Spotlight: Film does what it says on the tin, in more ways than one

It’s an institution: every Monday, at 7pm, a group of students arrives at the Royal George, a pub on the edge of Cathays, where student digs begin to give way to the locals’ terraces. There’s something special about this place though- Film Society will show you the entrance to the Secret Cinema, a small room at the back with a big TV in it, where the Society meet for their Monday night screening.

From indie to blockbuster, whatever’s on you know it’ll be good. I’ve seen some of my favourite films for the very first time at Film Soc screenings, from Apocalypse Now to A Beautiful Mind, from Jaws to Pulp Fiction. Their cinema trips are equally well picked, Whiplash being particularly appreciated last year.

Of course you can watch a film anytime nowadays in the age of Netflix and, er, less legal means of procurement. What makes Film Soc so great is the great people you’ll be watching and making films alongside, probably some of the best friends you will make at university.

You read that right- Film Soc also has a film-making arm, Diff Films. As well as their (bi)annual 48 Hour Film Challenge, they also produce a few short films every year, some of which are currently beginning production.

Diff Films membership also offers career opportunities, as president Alex Stewart (and many previous members) can testify:

“Diff Films is well ingrained with the Cardiff film making community and helps those who want to get into film and television through organizing talks with industry insiders and gives people a first taste of being on a professional film set, whilst keeping it fun and entertaining.”

You can join Cardiff University Film Society on Facebook, and catch up with past masterpieces on their YouTube, DiffFilms.

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