Student Senate postponed due to lack of motions

Student Senate were forced to postpone their meeting last week after no motions were put forward.

The meeting was meant to go ahead on Tuesday March 1st but Gair Rhydd were informed that no suggestions for discussion were sent in. Despite this there were plans to vote whether a lapsing policy should be renewed during the meeting. The policy in question was described as a measure to prevent “students from victimisation in Student Media”.

This follows after criticisms were voiced during the last two meetings about the lack of publicity that the Senate receives.

According to the Students’ Union website the Senate plan to meet every third-week of the semester. The next meeting will take place on April 26th.

Last year the Student Senate were also made postpone their meeting after failing to make the required number of students needed to make votes binding.

Talking to Gair Rhydd, senator Jake Smith stated that the decision to cancel the meeting is not necessarily negative, as he explained: “I think Senate is at its best when its debating important policies that students have put a lot of time into making, so personally I’m fine with the meeting being postponed as there would be little benefit for students if we all turned up with policies we hadn’t thought about just to fill the time.”

Meanwhile fellow senator Chiron Hooson was more critical of the situation, stating: “I think due to many deadlines for students around this time, nobody was able to draft a motion, but this still shouldn’t avoid the fact that out of the 25 senators and nine campaign officers, not one motion was submitted.

“Annoyingly it wasn’t rescheduled due to many different events happening in March, so the next meeting will be on the 26th of April, where I am hoping to put forward a motion or two[…]”.

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