Student “urinated on dinner” story goes viral

Since our cover story of Issue 1048 went online on the 16th March, the article has gone viral. ‘Student urinates on family’s food’ has been picked up by the likes of BBC News and The Guardian as the story went from regional to national, and your very own Gair Rhydd has been mentioned in the majority of articles.

As the story has been picked up by so many different writers, we have been given different angles as well as a deeper look into the matter. Wales Online, and therefore The Mirror (as they are sister papers), managed to confirm the matter with P&O spokesperson Brian Rees, who told the reporter:

“It relates to a group who travelled with us from Dover to Calais in mid February. Unfortunately behaviour was such that we had to explain that we would not offer them the return journey so they made other arrangements to get back.The behaviour was so appalling we didn’t have a moment’s hesitation in banning them from coming back with us.”

Wales Online, The Mirror and Mail Online go on to wonder which of the Cardiff Medics Rugby teams the incident involved, as there are both first and second XV.

The South Wales Evening Post called the incident a ‘boozy rampage’, also choosing to cite the same quote from Brian Rees, while Kent Online blamed it on ‘a group of rowdy students’. Dover Express go as far as calling those involved a ‘drunk uni rugby yob’. Kent Online also found further details of the event, as the medics were on ‘P&O’s 11.15pm cross-Channel sailing from Dover on the Spirit of France, on February 12’.

Elliot Howells, Students’ Union President spoke to some external papers, and as the Huffington Post describe, ‘slammed the incident’, saying this:

“We are aware of an incident involving the Medics Rugby Team and are investigating this concurrently with Cardiff University. Should any individuals be found to be responsible, appropriate action will be taken. This type of behaviour is not condoned by the Students’ Union and we convey this message strongly to sports teams during their yearly induction sessions.”

The Huffington Post also looked into the previous controversy, which we talked about in the original article, concerning the University Football Club. They state how at that time, the team were banned from playing ‘for two weeks’.

A reader of the Mail Online commented on the article, saying ‘This isn’t funny no matter how drunk you are.’ On twitter, @contgwirion4 shared the article, noting that it may stir some trouble with ‘the university’s feminists’ and that ‘Cardiff’s med students have always been nuts’.

Since this article was first posted, The Independent have also picked up the story which gained some comments from readers of their website. One reader using the handle ‘Anti Blue Badge’ “bet the ‘family’ consisted of a screaming bratty child and entitled parents”, whilst another, ‘Schrodinger’s Cat’, responds asking ‘why? Do non-entitled parents with non-bratty children have some kind of natural immunity to having their tables urinated on by drunken students?’. Gair Rhydd seems to have provoked more than just a debate on fitness to practice. Another commenter under the name ‘Worker’ simply stated ‘they will fit in well at the NHS’.

We’ll stay updated as the matter develops. As of yet, the rugby team in question have still to issue a public comment.