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ESLA: Last year's awards ball in the Great Hall (Source cardiffstudents.com)
An introduction to the Enriching Student Life Awards

By Cerian Jones

It’s a busy time for students and staff alike at Cardiff University, with the looming Christmas Holidays marking the end of another term, the stress of finding bargain gifts and end of term assessments. However; with the recent openings of nominations for the 10th annual ESLAs and with our growing Christmas spirit, it’s time to give back. The ESLAs are perfectly timed as gifts for the people who helped us through our university experience thus far.

The award was created to celebrate the efforts of staff and students alike that just make your university experience that little bit better. You could nominate a lecturer who has really gone above and beyond to help you or your personal tutor if you think they’ve really supported you through your time at university in every aspect, you might want to nominate one of your student reps who is approachable and active in the student community. There’s probably somebody you’re thinking of now, someone who really stands out to you in your life, someone who singlehandedly changed your university experience for the better!

The criteria and nomination page can be found on cardiffstudents.com under the ‘your voice’ tab, I highly encourage you to nominate someone; it will make their day and show that their hard work is appreciated by those who benefit from it! There are many categories to nominate the amazing people at Cardiff University, so more opportunity for your chosen nominee to win!

Each nominee receives a purple mug to symbolize the appreciation shown from the student that nominated them, and shortlisted nominees (and the person who nominated them) get to attend an awards ball in early May where the winners are announced. Last year the Great Hall was filled with the staff and students who were shortlisted for an award, showcasing their excellence and dedication to enriching the student experience, and those individuals who had submitted the great nominations.

So get nominating!

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