Wasted in the Taf: 25kg of ungorged Cheddar

The Taf is an employer of many current students at Cardiff University

A number of current and former staff at Students’ Union bar ‘The Taf’ have accused the outlet of creating huge food wastage on a routine basis.

One worker told Gair Rhydd that they had been ordered to dispose of “25kg cheese, 18kg of sour cream, five litres of salad dressing, two litres of hollandaise sauce, and 288 packets of crisps” prior to Christmas.

They also suggested that the festive period had seen “half a joint of gammon, turkey, beef, as well as enough [roast potatoes] and vegetables to feed fifty” binned.

These allegations were backed up by a second member of staff, who claimed that Christmas had been “a major f**k up” which had seen an “unbelievable” amount of food overcooked.

But wastage is reportedly not limited to the winter months – with the former source suggesting that “close to that” quantity of food is thrown away “every Sunday”.

This claim is supported by a third member of staff, who worked at the outlet until the start of this academic year – and suggested that “at first, the amount of food wasted was a bit of a shock, but then you just got used to getting rid of it.”

Cooked but uneaten food amounted to “at least five bin bags” of waste over a six hour shift and “around the end of each week, there would be a large amount of food, uncooked, that would have to be disposed of,” they added.

However, Venues Manager Alastair Cox refuted the claim that The Taf operates inefficiently – suggesting that the reported figures occurred on a one-off basis as a consequence of a fridge failure.

He suggested that the use of elderly refrigeration units occasionally saw food stored above eight degrees centigrade, after which it was disposed of for hygiene reasons.

However, he reckoned that such an event had only occurred “three or four times“ during his thirteen year stint at the organisation.

Ordinarily the outlet orders food supplies on the basis of past sales and future projections, leading to average wastage “of around 2%,“ – compared to average household wastage of approximately 10%.

The original source disagreed strongly with this assessment, insisting that “the majority of staff agree that there’s an obscene amount of wastage. ”

“We would support donating to a food bank, but top brass wouldn’t. Too much paperwork.”