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Climate with the Tories

A majority Conservative government does not bode well for the future of the environment. David Cameron went from hugging huskies in the 2010 election campaign...


Results night: LIVE!

15:00 – It’s all over
All the results are in, and here are the final numbers:
Conservatives: 331 seats
Labour: 232 seats
SNP: 56 seats



7 politicians and over 600 students, what could go wrong? On Monday night Cardiff University Students’ Union hosted their biggest general election event...


Election: The Debate

If Thursday’s Leaders’ Debate is remembered for anything, it may well be as the final knockout blow to the three-party system that British...


Changes to sex consent law

In the eyes of the law, when two people are to engage in sexual relations consent must be given fully and freely by each party. All is set out in the Sexual...