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The Sri Lankan civil war that occurred six years ago is one that has been unheard of by most people but the atrocities are still ongoing up to this day. Were you aware of it?

Last month, the “Breaking the Silence” campaign was held in Cardiff with the motive of revealing the horrendous war crimes that occurred in Sri Lanka to the general public. Cardiff University’s very own Tamil Society organised stalls in the Students Union and the Heath Park campus to inform people about the violence, sexual assaults and inequalities inflicted upon the Tamil population.

Volunteers that were present at the stall explained that many amongst them were present in the UK as a result of their parents fleeing Sri Lanka from a key event known as “Black July”. This occurred in 1983 and lead to many Tamils evacuating the country and leaving their homes and lands behind. Tamils began to seek refuge in the western countries scubas Canada, Europe and the U.S.

After 26 long years, the war was claimed to be ended in 2009. During the extreme months of the war, Tamil people were instructed to seek refuge in so called ‘no fire zones’. This was the last thing they did. These camps held the blood of 75,000 people killed innocently.

At the exhibition, students were asked about their opinions on what they just learnt. “I am truly shocked” one of them stated “the lack of media coverage is astonishing! We need to know more about this issue, the exhibition has been quite revealing…”

Another student thought the event “went really well and was a great success! There was a lot of interaction with the audience which…showed that they were interested”.

The exhibition also comprised a successful cake sale with the collaboration of Baking society- the purpose of which was to raise money for a preschool to build a well and provide fresh water supply to children affected by the war. Indeed, the charity called Serendip Children’s home supports the orphans and destitute children and widows from the north and east of Sri Lanka. In addition to this, Amnesty society raised further awareness for this cause by screening the Channel 4 “No fire Zone” to their fellow members.

Tamil society is extremely pleased with the turnout of this event and offers its gratitude to Baking Society, Amnesty society and all the volunteers that contributed in making this event so rewarding!

Tamil society aims to provide a variety of events across the year, so keep a look out for our future events!

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