Team Talk: Law B

TEAM TALK: Sport editor Arthur Russell talks to Law B captain Dan Wells about his team’s chances this year.

The Law society is arguably the University’s biggest society – however, off-the-field success is proving somewhat difficult to mirror on the football field. An extensive summer clear-out and a somewhat disorganised pre-season has left both Law sides lacking in experienced players. 

Law B themselves have endured a mixed start to the season. Heavy defeats to impressive Pharm AC and Engin Loco outfits have come either side of a 6-2 thrashing of former Premiership side Psycho. 

Captain Dan Wells is looking for his side to gain some much needed continuity for the rest of qualifying campaign as they look to push for a place in second division for Phase Two. 


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What reasons would you give to explain your inconsistent start this year? 

I would simply put that down to us still getting used to each other. We’ve only managed to keep hold of four players who played last season.  Also, our squad has been short on numbers to say the least – we only have 13 players in the squad at the moment, which isn’t ideal with the usual Wednesday-Sunday format. For some of the games, we have been left to play with the bare 11 and we haven’t had the best of luck with injuries to say the least. We have a decent starting 11 – it’s just the fact that we lack the squad players to provide that essential strength in depth. Hopefully, come Phase Two, we will have recruited a few more players to really push on. It all depends on how the market is come January.


Who would you say are your key players? 

Our striker George Wright, a hockey player who can only play on certain occasions, has proven himself a real danger up front. He’s great at holding the ball up. Oli Picken has been influential in the centre of midfield – he’s proved himself a real playmaker and gives the team real impetus when going forward. Centre-half and vice captain David Penwarden’s vocals have certainly helped the defence operate as a unit.

How have you rated the organisation of IMG this year? 

Well, so far IMG organisation has seemed pretty poor. It seems that there is little to no central management. There needs to be more efficient communication between the organisers and the captains as sometimes, and I think I speak for many other captains, we feel like we are left in the lurch.


Do you think that the ‘Respect’ campaign needs to be more supported in IMG? 

I refereed the JOMEC-Earth Soc game the other week and they were absolutely fine. However, I think the campaign does need to be recognised in IMG more. I know members of other teams and some of my own team-mates have had a few horror shows. At the end of the day, nobody really wants to be there, but the system is what keeps the IMG league running. If it wasn’t for the people turning up to ref, IMG could not function. They don’t get paid to do it. Players should remember that they may well be in that situation during the season and, therefore, should show respect to the refs who volunteer.

I know that there are certain teams that have a tendency to be more confrontational and aggressive to the ref. Maybe there should be some kind of system of complaints. Say if there is a number of complaints against a team, maybe the AU should come down on an inspection. The bottom line is that it’s not fair on the people who are refereeing – they are just helping out.


Where do you think Cardiff will finish this season? 

16th. Not above West Ham, that’s for sure. Malky Mackay has made some decent signings and, if the chairman backs him, they have the best chance of survival. In my eyes,  he’s the right man for the job.


Who would be your Ballon d’Or winner? 

For me, it has to be Ronaldo. In my opinion, he’s better than Messi and could cut it in any league. The man has it all – skill on the ball, good in the air, the looks. Franck Ribery would be a worthy second place.

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