Teenagers send Lego man into space!

By Trisha Chowdhury

A weather balloon and a phone box are two of the things required to get a man into space.


The ‘man’ in question is actually a Lego Man.

The mission was the brainchild of a Canadian teen duo, Matthew Ho and Asad Muhammad. An on-board camera was used to film the entire mission where the Lego Man was placed in the orbit.

The process adopted was an ingenious yet simple one. The weather balloon made a journey of approximately 24 kilometres into the atmosphere.

Once the balloon burst, the pair’s handmade parachute had the Lego Man land safely on earth, more than a 100 kilometres away from the launch site. The landing was tracked by a GPS device on a mobile phone that enabled the duo to track the Lego Man safely.

The cameras took some astonishing pictures which have been an instant hit online. The Lego Man travelled a distance that was three times the cruising altitude of any commercial airliner.

An impressive accomplishment for the two school boys!

The video for the launch can be seen here:


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