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The Christian Union ask: Are you convinced?

Cardiff University Christian Union are holding events all week

All through next week (16th – 20th November) Cardiff University Christian Union are holding a huge array of events tackling some of the biggest questions there are about Christianity, God, Jesus, and indeed ourselves. A team from the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics will also be in town throughout the week as part ‘Convinced?’ week, giving talks and being on hand for questions and discussion. Keep an eye out for them and the CU all around campus!

During each day two free lunches are on offer (one at 12pm, the other 1pm) both at Koko Gorillaz AND at Heath Campus, along with a short talk on a particular topic, addressing questions ranging from “Isn’t God sexist?” to “Is faith in God reasonable”, to “Who is Jesus?”. Each night at 8pm, Highfields Church on Monthermer Road, an evening event is also happening with live music, free desserts, a talk and Q&A all packed into what promises to be a really chilled, fascinating time together. You might be surprised to find, for instance, that in reality Christians aren’t anywhere near as weird as you might think they are, and that there really is a whole lot more to life than exams, nightclubs and Netflix (not that we can’t enjoy all, or none, of those things!). So bring yourself and any of your questions along, or simply come and have a gander as to what Christianity really has to say for itself.


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