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21:30 What are you saying?

As the election looms upon us, Gair Rhydd asked some students what they thought of the campaign, and whether or not they’ve decided to vote or not.

Many students seem eager to vote, but many students are still not completely sure for who yet, a worrying prospect after six weeks of hard campaigning from the political parties.

Cardiff History student Tomos said of the campaign “It’s been interesting to see the lower-than-expected quality of debate from some politicians and the concentration of each on a few key issues. I was honestly expecting more controversy from UKIP though” before adding he wanted the situation in Wales to improve and will be backing Plaid.

Tactical voting seems to be a concern for Cardiff students, with Politics student Grant expressing his uncertainty whether to vote Labour to keep the Lib Dems out, or vote for who he wants, and it was a similar problem for James who will be voting at home.  Ancient & Medieval student Sophie did not see this as an issue as she “refuse to compromise my morals and vote for a corrupt and dishonest party that I don’t agree with just because I don’t want the slightly more corrupt and dishonest party to get into power.”

Another student added that “I believe the conservatives have run a great government in the past five years, thus having them in power again will continue that greatness”, putting to bed talk that all students are against the Tories.

21:00 Ten hours to go

It’s election eve, and the parties have finished their last election rally, and here’s what they said today:

David Cameron said that his party can still win a majority, despite the polls being so close, but he pledged to “put the country first” whatever happens, suggesting he may not be as confident as he keeps saying.

Ed Miliband did not to an extreme last effort country tour saying that it was the “message not the mileage” that was important.  Miliband said he is confident that voters will make the right decision in deciding between a prime minister that puts working people first, and one who favours the rich.

Nick Clegg has continued to emphasize his party will not fare as badly as many polls predict, as voters face the “biggest political decision of their lives”.  He has also confirmed he would not be willing to share power with either the SNP or UKIP.

Leanne Wood has been asking voters who they think would represent them best, pushing for Plaid Cymru gains in Carmarthenshire.  She also said that the “stranglehold of the old parties” was now at an end, opening a door for her party across Wales.

“Vote for what you believe in” was Natalie Bennet’s message today to build a society for the common good.


17:00 Labour ahead in Wales

The final Welsh political barometer poll results were released today, with Labour taking a big lead in Wales.  The poll was carried out by YouGov between Monday and this morning, here are the results:

Labour: 39%

Conservatives: 25%

Plaid Cymru: 13%

UKIP: 12%

Liberal Democrats: 8%

Greens: 2%

These results show that there should not be many political upsets in Wales.  The Conservatives would lose Cardiff North to Labour, but gain Brecon & Radnor from the Lib Dems, and Labour would take Cardiff Central from the Lid Dems.  It is still unsure whether Plaid Cymru will be able to gain Ceredigion, wiping out the Lib Dems in Wales.

15:00 Polling card selfie could be illegal

Police in Scotland have warned election officials over potential problems at tomorrow’s election.  It is reported that radical nationalists have urged voters not to vote until the final hour, photograph their ballot paper and follow the ballot boxes to the count to ensure their vote is counted.

It is feared that taking a selfie in a poling station could be illegal, and polling station staff have been told to ban all photography.  The official law on taking selfies is complex, as it would be illegal to show your ballot number or release another person’s vote, whether intentionally or not.

These fears were announced by police last year, and urged people against taking photograph’s in polling stations.

Cardiff University Students’ Union have ignored these warnings, and are holding a polling card selfie competition to win a £20 Taf voucher, which could confuse students to taking a ballot paper selfie.

Legitimacy of a future government

There has been a lot of talk over the last few days about the legitimacy of the next government, and how this may not be.  The truth is there is no law or rule for the next government’s need to be legitimate, a majority of 326 in any form is all a government needs.  David Cameron says that a Labour SNP deal would not be legitimate and Theresa May said last week that situation would be the worst constitutional crisis since the abdication of the throne.  Nicola Sturgeon said this morning that a majority of anti-Tory MP’s could keep them out and therefore be a legitimate government.  It will be interesting to see if this tactic will work for the Conservatives on Friday when negotiations begin.

Polls suggest hung parliament

In the last day of campaigning the polls suggest it’s still neck and neck between Labour and the Tories. May2015’s poll of polls give the following projection with less than 24 hours to go:

Conservatives: 33.5%   273 seats

Labour: 33.1%   268 seats

It seems the campaign period has not influenced people very much with similar polling levels at the start of the short campaign, but the last day could change everything and be vital in the fight to number 10.


Welcome to the Gair Rhydd election coverage liveblog.  We will be updating this page from now until election day with the significant developments in the campaign.
Check out how the campaign has been going here.

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