The importance of getting involved over the new year

getting involved in 2022
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A few of the ways that you can engage with the 'university lifestyle' this semester

By Ruth Hoey | Advice Editor

Getting involved in the university lifestyle is something that most of us assume will happen naturally the moment we arrive in our first year. But I think it’s safe to say that for some of us those expectations never come to be.

Maybe you’re a final year student who never joined any societies. You just got swept away by the busyness of deadlines. Or maybe you haven’t had the opportunity to get involved because COVID-19 has been around for your entire university career. Maybe even you’re a first year who was still settling in during freshers week. You never got the opportunity to try out the different societies and activities which Cardiff university has to offer.

All of these situations are very common. But it’s not too late to get involved in what the university has to offer. With this being the start of a new semester, now is a great time to have a look into starting something new.

From trips around Wales and England to sports clubs and societies, there are so many different activities to try. It’s definitely worth trying out a few different things, which is what makes the ‘give it a go’ sessions so helpful. These sessions are running at the start of this semester to allow you to get a glimpse of what the societies have to offer without having to make any commitments.

There are a number of different ways that you can get involved:

Meeting with new people

Societies and trips are a great way to meet other students not on the same course as you. You can broaden your friendship groups and meet new people. Joining a society which interests you allows you to find people with similar passions.

Less time on screens

With COVID-19 still having an impact on our studies we often spend a lot of time in our bedrooms staring at our laptop screens. Joining a new society can offer a form of relaxation. It’s a scheduled opportunity to get out of the house for a while.

Keeping yourself active

Similarly, joining one of the many sports clubs is a great way to get active. You can burn off some stress by doing some physical activity.

Building up your CV

An added bonus of getting involved with societies is the CV enhancement. Joining societies allows you to learn new skills and hobbies which show off your personality to
employers. This can also demonstrates many transferable skills such as commitment and time management.

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