The way to longevity and the role of science

Longevity depends on two major factors, the person’s genetic material, the DNA, and the person’s lifestyle. Recent research has revealed that only 20-30% of average human lifetime relies on the DNA, with the remaining to be determined by the diet, exercise and daily habits. However, there are ways that someone can increase the average lifetime. How can this be possible? The answer is not simple and many researches focus on its finding. Factors such as the sex, the age, the medical history are some of the drawbacks that researchers have to overcome. It has to be mentioned that, females have an advantage in the longevity due to the presence of specific hormones, oestrogens, which are responsible for the protection of various diseases, at least until the menopause. We have to keep in mind though that for both sexes, what is important is a healthy lifestyle, and longevity is dependent on various aspects.
The cause of aging is the release of free radicals and it has been shown that the consumption of antioxidants can ‘’fight’’ this cause. Another cause of aging involves the aging of our hormones therefore, our mental health is also vital.
A possible Decalogue for longevity can be formed as follows, based on research studies.

1) Drink red wine
The red wine contains resveratrol, an antioxidant that prevents aging by the absorption of the free radicals.

2) Eat dark chocolate
The dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants, responsible for maintaining the blood pressure and the cholesterol in normal levels. At the same time, dark chocolate can be one of the energy sources during the day.

3) Smile
Even if you do not want to, you have to do it. That will result in having a better mood, and in most cases, reduces stress as well.

4) Spend time in nature
It may sounds strange, but it is not. Being outside in nature aid the better flow of oxygen to the organs and the brain, that has a result the normal functions of the body to be carried out more efficiently. If you have not been pursued yet, the statistical data obtained by the average lifetime of people living in countryside, are able to prove that.

5) Relax

It has been repeatedly shown that stress is linked to various undesirable consequences. Therefore, relaxation can contribute to the normal function of heart and blood pressure.

6) Exercise
There is a Greek ancient phrase that says: ‘’If the body is healthy, then the brain will also be healthy. Who does not want that? Specifically, a research published in the Journal of the American Geriatric Society indicated that women who eats healthy, including vegetables and fruits in their daily diet, along with an aerobic exercise of 20 minutes every day, have lower risks of being harmed by a lethal disease, such as cancer, heart attacks and diabetes. Besides, exercise is responsible for the release of hormones, such as the endorphins, related to our well-being.

7) Sleep well
The advantages that can be gained by having a good sleep, at least 8 hours at night are tremendous. Some of them are related with the increase in the body immunity along with a feeling of more energy during the day.

8) Spend time with closed to you people
In this way, not only friendship and family bonds are strengthened but feelings of loneliness and depression can be avoided.

9) Play chess, crossword
Such activities can promote longevity. In these activities that require thinking, the signaling between neurons in the brain is aided. The increased signaling of the neurons is linked to the reduction in the incidence of various neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer.

10) Think positive!
Think positive about presence and future. This will enable you in having a better mood and a general mental health.
At last, we have to remember that longevity depends on various factors and is really difficult to be achieved.

Konstantina Tzelepi

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