There’s support for that

By George Watkins

It isn’t easy moving away from home. It probably sounds like a cliché by now to say that you aren’t alone, but here at Cardiff you really don’t have to be. If you’re having a difficult time with mental health, money worries, housing or anything else, there’s support for that.

Mental health, including help with pre-existing conditions or just someone to talk to if you feel stressed, anxious or a bit down, is supported in various ways here. The most obvious is the Student Support Centre. They offer counselling services, and a week-daily set of drop-in counselling sessions, lasting around 15 minutes, between 3 and 3:45. Try to arrive a bit early to guarantee being seen. Then there’s Nightline, which has a fantastic record for guiding students through difficult periods. It’s advertised all around the university, but its number is 02920870555. They’re open every night of term from 8pm to 8am, and are manned by wonderful student volunteers. There’s also Samaritans, which is open 24/7, and can be contacted on 116 123.

Money troubles? Job worries? Housing issues? The Student Support Centre is invaluable for students in these areas alongside emotional support. Their address is 50 Park Place, and Cardigan House on the Heath campus. Just walk in or look at the intranet to see what’s on offer.

There’s help available for you. Don’t keep quiet. Get it off your chest and get supported!

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