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This week is Speak Week – find out how to get involved!

Speak Week returns to Cardiff University this February, with the annual event running across the University aiming to students talking to their student reps. Gair Rhydd spoke to the Student Voice team, who have a large hand in organising the week, including the stalls and events for students, to find out more for those who aren’t sure what’s going on and how they can participate.

What is Speak Week?

Speak Week takes place every year during February in order for the University and Students Union to get valuable feedback from students. The Student Voice team coordinate various events throughout the week and organise stalls across the University in many of the departments and schools so that everyone can contribute their opinion and what they want! At the stalls student will be able to pick up Speak Week comment cards and provide their feedback.

We had a Speak Week stand in the Maths department 2015, with students leaving postage notes instead of traditional cards. This year Speak Week is held from 8th February to 12th February and there are loads of opportunities for you as students to have your voice heard. The theme this year is; “If you ran the University what would you do?” We want students to give their views of their overall student experience. Tell us about anything and everything. Do you have ideas for your course, the library, learning resources, facilities? Tell us all about it, it doesn’t matter if it’s a small idea or a massive one.

What has Speak Week done?

In Speak Week 2015 we collected over 800 responses from students. There were multiple ideas raised such as improving academic resources, timetabling and library facilities. Many of the improvements suggested are being worked on by the University and the SU. After being mentioned frequently over several years, the ASSL library is being trialled as a 24-hour library, wifi coverage around campus has been improved and extended to areas it wasn’t in before, and card payments for university catering became available around campus. Exam timetables are also now published two week earlier than before at the request of students. The data collected has also helped to inform ongoing projects like Hidden course costs project, Lear+ Project and Physical Learning Spaces Project.

How can societies and clubs get involved?

We really want to hear what you have to say and our VP Education, Sophie Timbers will be coming along to some societies and sports events to get your feedback. There are also loads of opportunities for you to get involved and give us your feedback.

So what’s on?

Carnival: Monday 8th Feb 11-3:30. YPlas

There is loads to get involved with here. Fill in a Speak Week comment card and use it as a token. The more cards you fill out the more tokens you have for Candyfloss, Popcorn, Hook a duck, Giant skittles, Coconut shy and many many more!

Heath Park Day: Tuesday 9th Feb. 10 – 4pm. All over and the IV Lounge

Whole day at the Heath with Katie and Sophie going to venues such as common rooms and study spaces to talk with Students and get feedback.

PG Tea and Cake: Wednesday 10th Feb. 2:30 – 4:30. Grad Centre

A time and place for postgraduate students to come and talk to us about your experience as a Research student or a taught student. Tell us your ideas on how your Uni experience could be improved. With cakes and hot beverages provided, what’s not to love?

Student Rep Conference: Thursday 11th Feb 6-8pm YPlas

One of the few events specifically for Student Reps of all schools. It acts as a chance for Reps to feedback themselves and interact with other reps. Career development talks will be hosted which will link the skills you have learnt as a Rep to the job market.

Heath activities: Friday 12th Feb in the IV Lounge

Free Doughnuts. Doughnut for a Speak week card. Enough said really!

Speak Week stall – All week

The stall is booked in for every day from February 8th-12th in the SU. Some schools are also doing their own stalls so keep an eye out in your school and give us your feedback on the way to lectures.

International students: Friday 12th Feb 2pm-4pm International Lounge 3rd Floor of the SU.

This is an international student specific event. We want to know how your time at Cardiff University is going. How could we improve your experience? If you are an international student make sure you stop by and get involved.

So do get involved and tell the university what you want from them. If you need any more information or how else you can get involved look on the Union website or get in contact with the Student Voice team!

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