Your time’s up: students angered by exam mark delay

Students at several of Cardiff University’s schools have been told that their January exam marks will be published far later than originally scheduled.

Under many course guidelines, exam marks are guaranteed to students within one month of taking an examination – but multiple schools have failed to adhere to this policy in the wake of the winter exam season.

“I had two exams in January and expected the results back around three or four weeks later,” an International Relations and Politics student told Gair Rhydd.

“It’s been more like five or six and I’m a bit pissed off because I’d like to know what I need in my final term of university in order to average a 2:1.”

However, the issue is not restricted to undergraduates; Law diploma candidate Hannah Thomas confirmed that the problem exists at multiple levels.

“I was under the impression that results would be released either last week or this week and so kept checking SIMS,” she said.

“Yesterday I had an email to say that the Law school would try to publish results on the week commencing 23rd March, which is over a two month turnaround.”

I appreciate it takes time to mark multiple papers but it leaves students in the dark, many of whom are worrying, whilst giving the impression that markers have other priorities.” Thomas concluded.

Whilst the issue appears to be widespread, students at the Cardiff School of History, Archaeology and Religion are reportedly amongst the worst hit by ongoing delays.

Vice President Education Rhys Jenkins told Gair Rhydd that he was aware of the issue.

“Whilst I’ve heard of these problems I’m not able to take much in the way of action unless complaints are presented through student reps, and I’ve had no such contact so far,” Jenkins commented.

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