Ultimate Frisbee brush past Swans



Ultimate Frisbee is a sport that little is known about, especially the technicalities and regulations of the game, yet hundreds lined the pitch at Pontcanna Fields on the morning of Varsity day to see Cardiff try and defend their Welsh Varsity title. The crowd were loud and energetic from the start, as Cardiff soared to an early lead.

The players describe the game as “like Quidditch” in that there is no set time limit, with the first team to score 15 points declared the winner. A point is scored when a team achieves a successful pass to a teammate in the final zone ñ a feat that Cardiff were managing on a regular basis. Swansea barely kept up as Cardiff established leads of 9-5 and latterly 12-7.

Cardiff’s team was led by veteran Mike Walters, who produced some massive hucks to open up the Swansea defence. Meanwhile, Aiden Ching and Dan Rowland were proving difficult for the beleaguered visitors to get past at the other end, with some incredible layout-Ds to block their opponents’ passes that were leading to scoring catches.

Cardiff kept up the scoring, with most of the points coming from scorers Cam Davidson, James Hall and Derek Neupauer. The game became a procession as Cardiff romped home to a comfortable 15-7 win and once again retained their Varsity crown.

Dominic Booth

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