Welcome to Park Life

Welcome to the third edition of Park Life! Thank you for the lovely feedback you have been giving me, it feels great! This week, I have been swamped with work and other Asian Society commitments, so, Gemma, our VP Heath Park has kindly agreed to read, edit and format the articles for this double spread! Thank you Gemma, you’re an absolute life-saver! Thank you also for the articles that we get emailed. Keep them coming in as they are so exciting to read!

Have an amazing week,

Vidya Brainerd

Park Life Editor


So this week I have stepped up to Editor. Vidya is fantastic at her job, so I am a little nervous, fingers crossed there won’t be any spelling errors (if there are, I was just doing it to test you)!

Vidya being unavailable really does epitomise what Cardiff University Students’ Union is all about though – the reason Vidya isn’t available this week is because she does this on top of a full time course. In fact almost everything the Elected Officers in the Students’ Union do would not happen without all the efforts of our fantastic volunteers. Sadly, every now and again, there just aren’t enough hours in the day, and studies have to come first, after all, students are here to study, and gain a qualification. This is often exaggerated at the Heath, where contact hours can be so much greater than other courses, which is why everything they do really does deserve an extra clap on the back. I hope you enjoy reading about the successes of our students, such as Rachael winning a photo competition, and find the time to get involved in the activities being run by CUPS and the OT Society in the next couple of weeks. You don’t have to give up masses of time volunteering, editing newspapers and running committees on top of your course – you can gain so much just by attending the events they run; in the mean time though, a massive thanks to everyone working so hard behind the scenes to make this happen, and for doing it on top of your education.

Gemma Wheeler

VP Heath Park