Welsh Varsity 2016 Live Blog

21:05 – The final reckoning

Here’s our version of the classified results:

Men’s Rugby: Swansea 16-10 Cardiff
Women’s Rugby: Swansea 18-19 Cardiff
Freshers’ Rugby: Swansea 25-31 Cardiff
IMG Football: Swansea (4)1-1(2) Cardiff
Ladies’ Football: Swansea 2-1 Cardiff
Men’s Football: Swansea 2-0 Cardiff
American Football: Swansea 26-6 Cardiff
Men’s Hockey: Swansea (6)2-2(8) Cardiff
Ladies’ Hockey: Swansea 1-3 Cardiff
Cricket: Cardiff win by 4 wickets
Netball: Swansea 16-49 Cardiff
Badminton: Swansea 1-1 Cardiff – Point shared
Men’s Volleyball: Swansea 0-3 Cardiff
Ladies’ Volleyball: Swansea 2-3 Cardiff
Ladies’ Basketball: Swansea 36-66 Cardiff
Men’s Basketball: Swansea 55-80 Cardiff
Men’s Squash: Swansea 2-3 Cardiff
Women’s Squash: Swansea 0-4 Cardiff
Ladies’ Lacrosse: Swansea 2-14 Cardiff
Men’s Lacrosse: Swansea 1-4 Cardiff
Athletics: Swansea 2-0 Cardiff
Ladies’ Fencing: Swansea 1-2 Cardiff
Men’s Fencing: Swansea 2-1 Cardiff
Golf: Swansea 7-3 Cardiff
Swimming: Swansea 489-399 Cardiff
Sailing: Swansea 1-5 Cardiff
Men’s Ultimate Frisbee: Swansea 8-13 Cardiff
Ladies’ Ultimate Frisbee: Swansea 10-9 Cardiff
Tennis: Swansea 2-2 Cardiff – Point shared
Taekwondo: Swansea 2-16 Cardiff
Cheerleading: N/A
Canoe Polo: N/A

20:50 – FULL TIME: Swansea 16-10 Cardiff

Garrett kicks his third pen, and that’s all she wrote. It’s a sad end to what has been a pretty fantastic Varsity day for Cardiff. Swansea claim the Varsity Cup and with it have regained the bragging rights that have evaded them for two whole years now.

By my reckoning the Varsity Shield standings currently look a bit like this:

Cardiff 24-13 Swansea 

That’s without results for cheerleading and canoe polo taken into account, but it’s been another strong outing from Team Cardiff to bring hope the Shield.

Here’s out match report from the Liberty

20:40 – Swansea 13-10 Cardiff

Boy, did the Diamond hoodoo work. Moments after Cardiff have a player sin binned Swansea capitalise through a second Rory Garrett penalty. We only have a few minutes left of play now and with 14 men, it looks unlikely that Cardiff will mount a comeback.

20:20 – Swansea 10-10 Cardiff

After a spell of dominance in the game Swansea finally make it pay, Josh Guy doing the job by throwing himself over a stack of crumpled defenders. The conversion is easy as you like and it’s as you were. Game on a knife-edge, Clive.

On the hour mark now and there’s all to play for. Cardiff’s coach and scary-tall-guy Louie Tonkin will be looking for a response from his troops.

20:10 – Swansea 3-10 Cardiff

What’s new pussycat? Mogg takes his points total to six by slotting a penalty right between the posts to extend Cardiff’s lead to a converted try.

It all becomes a big much for the players, who resort to what can only be described as handbags after a breakdown in play. But what’s this?!? Composure is regained and Swansea charge for the line! Only to be denied by a last-ditch Cardiff tackle. Edge-of-the-seat stuff here.

20:00 – Peep!

After Cardiff’s AU President (as well as man-of-the-people and sporting icon) Sam Parsons takes to the field to collect the Varsity Shield, the second half of the match kicks off with the crowd hungry for a good game.

It’s nice of Cardiff to lend the Shield to the organisers for a day around this time of year, but it’s back with its rightful owner tonight. It would be a travesty if Parsons doesn’t do a Gerrard and sleep with it after the Lash.



19:55 – The streak continues

What would Varsity be without flagrant disregard for authority plus nudity? As ever with this fixture, a completely naked scallywag makes his way onto the pitch, but the security/stewards do not have the bottle to tackle him, leaving him to be cheered to the rafters by fans secretly hoping for him to be taken down. He was wearing socks by the look of it, so marks off for that.

The cheerleaders are currently doing their thing, taking the crowd’s collective mind off the previous on-field entertainment

Delightfully I can now reveal to you the identity of the try scorer who went over for Cardiff. Harry Griffiths was the man who crossed the white line to give the team in red that all-important lead.

19:45 – Half time

Well that was a good end to a fairly drab half of rugby. The important thing is that Cardiff grew into it and Swansea will now need to respond if we are to have a good game on our hands, but surely it can’t be as dramatic as last year’s topsy-turvy game?

I still don’t know who the try scorer is, but neither do the national media so it may remain a mystery forever, or at least until the unidentified knight in red reveals all at the end of the match.

Second half to come, and keep more up to date by checking out @GairRhyddSport on Twitter, or tuning into Xpress Radio’s coverage of the match.

19:40 – Swansea 3-7 Cardiff

Swansea are made to pay for their failure to convert dominance into points as Cardiff go over in the corner for the game’s first try. The lack of team-sheets is causing havoc as we try to identify the scorer. For now the hero remains anonymous; he could be any one of us.

What we do know is that the try was converted by the gloriously-named Julian Mogg.

Exactly what the game needed, that, and I’m not saying that out of Cardiff bias…

19:30 – Swansea 3-0 Cardiff

Half an hour played and Swansea are on top in terms of possession, but don’t have much to show for it in terms of points on the board. It’s Rory Garrett’s 15th minute penalty that separates the sides at the moment.

The teams are playing for the Varsity Cup – the shiny shiny trophy we managed to snap before the match got underway. Can Cardiff fight back to etch their name on the silverware once again?


19:00 – To the Liberty

So, Cardiff win the Varsity Shield again. Out most recent calculation sees Cardiff leading 24-12, with three results yet to be known (Canoe Polo are a mystery, while cheerleading and men’s rugby are yet to be played).

Now time for the big game of the day and the match which Swansea supporters will tell you is the only one that matters. Cardiff won here 27-22 last year but Swansea have a good record in the Varsity Cup and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Catch detailed updates at @GairRhyddSport on Twitter, or hit refresh for some occasionally interesting insight on what is going on over in Swansea, which kicks off right about… now!


16:30 – Cardiff officially win the Varsity shield!

Cardiff University have officially clinched the 2016 Varsity Shield!

Tipped over the finishing line by a 4-0 victory in Women’s Squash, Cardiff’s lead in now totally out of reach.

Cardiff are mathematically champions now, as they lead Swansea 21½ to 11½. There are still some event results to come in, but Cardiff were able to wrap up the overall victory before the big Rugby finale in the Liberty Stadium.

Unfortunately, too little to late for Swansea’s Women’s Football, who brought the hosts up to 11½ points with a 2-1 win.

15:40 – …and it’s been trounced.

It may be too little too late for Swansea. After the sudden rush in points from the hosts, Cardiff have bounced back with two of their own.

Similar to IMG Football but with a different victor, Men’s Hockey was taken all the way to sudden death, with Cardiff having of nerves of steel winning (6)2 – 2(8).

While the Men’s Fencing couldn’t secure a point, the Ladies stepped up to make sure they took their chance.

And finally… Men’s Lacrosse see out a 4-1 convincing win.

Shield standings currently stand at: Swansea 10½ – 20½ Cardiff

15:30 – Is the comeback on?

After Cardiff pushing forward to what seems like an insurmountable lead, Swansea have hit back with a few points of their own.

  • Swansea were able to lock up a point from Men’s Fencing, beating Cardiff in Epee and Sabre.
  • Golf came through with a hard fought 7-3 victory.
  • Swansea Titans held off Cobras to secure a 26-6 win.
  • IMG Football goes to a dramatic ending, with Swansea winning 4-2 on penalties.

However, Cardiff were able to squeeze out a victory in the Ladies’ Volleyball, winning 3-2 after a great last set.

Shield standings currently stand at: Swansea 10½ – 17½ Cardiff

15:00 – Scrum V(ictory)!

Cardiff Women’s Rugby put on an epic performance to come from behind to secure a 19-18 win over the hosts. The victory adds another point to the overall lead of Cardiff.

So more quick updates from around Varsity:

  • Swansea Titans lead the Cobras 24 – 6 in the Fourth Quarter of American Football.
  • Swansea lead Cardiff 1 – 0 in Ladies’ Football after an 18th minute strike from Lauren Cubban.
  • Cardiff’s Georgie Durrell strolls to a 3-0 victory in the first game of Ladies’ Squash.
  • Men’s Hockey is all level at 1 a piece.

The last few fixtures of the day are kicking off now – that includes Men’s Volleyball, Ladies’ Fencing and Staff football.

Shield standings currently stand at: Swansea 6½ – 16½ Cardiff

14:40 – Squashed ’em! 

Amazing comeback from Cardiff, who are able to get the point in Squash! Joe Cornwall secures the victory in the last game, making it a tight 3-2 finish.

Elsewhere, Ladies’ Rugby is extremely tight. It’s currently 19-18 to Cardiff there.

Men’s Fencing are also on Epee, after a winning with the foil but falling when it came to the sabre.

The events that have just started are the Men’s Basketball and the Ladies’ Football.

Shield standings currently stand at: Swansea 6½ – 15½ Cardiff

14:15 – Kobe!

Cardiff Women’s Basketball have put in an emphatic performance in their clash. After a low scoring first two quarters, the visitors racked up the points in the second and put on some formidable defence to keep Swansea away from the hoop. The final score is 66-36.


Shield standings currently stand at: Swansea 6½ – 14½ Cardiff

14:00 – Cardiff pay the penalty

A excitement-filled Men’s Football fixture has given Swansea something to be optimistic about.

After Cardiff blazed a penalty over the bar, Swansea went forward and secured a 2-0 win over their rivals.

Don’t worry lads, look on the bright side.

Other sport that has just started – Men’s Hockey, Men’s Lacrosse and Staff Netball.

Shield standings currently stand at: Swansea 6½ – 13½ Cardiff

13:45 – Who run the world?

Cardiff are on a roll! Two impressive points from Ladies’ Hockey and Ladies’ Lacrosse: both for different reasons.

Ladies’ Lacrosse were able to manhandle Swansea in a relatively straight forward 14-2 win.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Ladies’ Hockey had to fight relentlessly for a great 3-1 victory over their opposition.

Shield standings currently stand at: Swansea 5½ – 13½ Cardiff

13:40 – Cardiff “urn” a point

Cardiff Cricket rise from the Ashes (eh? eh?) to win by four wickets, as they chased a target of 102.


In other news – Ladies’ Squash has just started. Hopefully it’s as good a match-up as the Men’s.

Shield standings currently stand at: Swansea 5½ – 11½ Cardiff

13:15 – Down to the wire

Swansea have secured a dramatic point over Cardiff in the Ladies’ Ultimate Frisbee. The hosts just squeezed out a 10 – 9 victory to get Swansea’s points rolling again.

It’s nail-bitingly close in other sport around Swansea – Squash is looking like it will bring an anxiety-inducing finish, as Swansea are up 2-1 and only need one more win to secure a point.

Women’s Basketball has shaped up to be a scrappy game, with Cardiff just edging out a 14-13 lead going into the third quarter.

In other places, Cardiff’s Women’s Lacrosse are plain sailing now – they’re beating Swansea 11-0 half way through the second portion of the game.

Shield standings currently stand at: Swansea 5½ – 10½ Cardiff

13:00 – We are sailing

Cardiff Sailing have confirmed their win over Swansea with the fifth win of the day. The series ends 5-2 to the visitors. Another crucial point for Cardiff.

And… the trash talking has already started.

Just kicking off: Ladies’ Volleyball, Ladies’ Rugby and IMG Football.

Shield standings currently stand at: Swansea 4½ – 10½ Cardiff

12:45 – Fresh to death

Despite a valiant effort from 14-man Swansea, Cardiff were able to clinch a point from their Freshers’ Rugby clash, eventually securing a 31-25 victory.


In other news – Cardiff Cricket have been held back slightly by early wickets. They currently need 79 to win it.

Cardiff Women’s Lacrosse have put on a dominant display in their match and go into the second half up 8-0.

Shield standings currently stand at: Swansea 4½ – 9½ Cardiff

12:30 – Let me take a trip down Sketty Lane

A few more events starting up now. We’ve got Ladies’ Basketball, American Football and the intriguing Canoe Polo. Great lineup.

Things are starting to shape up nicely as other events come into their closing stretches.

Swansea are currently ahead in 3 of the 5 match-ups in Golf.

There has been a superb comeback in Squash, as Cardiff’s Josh Watkins claims a 3-2 victory from 2-0 down to level the overall score 1-1.

Women’s Lacrosse is looking like a sweep, as Cardiff are putting on a comprehensive display: up 6-0 halfway through the first half.

12:10 – Looka da’ flicka da’ wrist

Cardiff have taken the Men’s half of the Ultimate Frisbee, gaining a valuable point for their efforts.

In other news – Cardiff Cricket are out to bat and need 102 from 20 overs for the victory.

It’s all going down in Freshers’ Rugby, a Swansea player has been sent off and Cardiff are currently putting distance between the sides. The score is currently 26-15 to the visitors.

Finally in Sailing, Cardiff have been pegged back by Swansea. The standings there is 1-1.

Shield standings currently stand at: Swansea 4½ – 8½ Cardiff

12:00 – Just keep swimming

Swimming results are in, and it is Swansea who have secured the point, winning 489 – 399.

Elsewhere, there’s loads more events kicking off right now. In the men’s, there’s Fencing and Football, while the women are kicking off the Hockey, Ultimate Frisbee and Lacrosse.


Shield standings currently stand at: Swansea 4½ – 7½ Cardiff

11:45 – You’ve got to show me love

The tennis results have split, meaning that both sides get half a point for their troubles.

Swansea Men’s doubles dominated their match-up while Cardiff Women’s did the same for theirs.


In other areas: Freshers’ Rugby is at half time and Cardiff are leading 19-8.

It’s another tight game in Ultimate Frisbee, as Cardiff are leading 10-9.

Lastly, Swansea started off on the right foot in Squash with a 3-1 win.

Shield standings currently stand at: Swansea 3½ – 7½ Cardiff

11:25 – Kata Steal

Cardiff Taekwondo have steamrolled to a victory over the hosts. Overall, they took 4 out 5 sparring matches, all 3 team Kata and 9 out of 10 single person Kata matches.


Some quick updates of ongoing events:

Half time at swimming and Swansea are winning 278-271 at the Welsh National Pool.

Freshers’ Rugby has started with a try a piece – Cardiff converting to go ahead 7-5.

Cardiff are leading 3-2 in Ultimate Frisbee.

Shield standings currently stand at: Swansea 3 – 7 Cardiff

11:15 – Back of the Net(ball)!

Cardiff Netball have come away with a comfortable 49-16 victory against Swansea, continuing on from their victory last year. Great effort from the visiting team.


Current Shield standings: Swansea 3 – 6 Cardiff

11:10 – Swansea running away with it

Swansea have their first Shield points of the day courtesy of their Athletic relay teams. Both men’s and women’s relay came out on top in two close races.


Shield standings currently stand at: Swansea 3 – 5 Cardiff

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11:00 – Keep ’em coming

A few big events have just kicked off – Men’s Squash, Men’s Ultimate Frisbee and Freshers’ Rugby.

Cardiff Taekwondo continue their domination – they have just won all 3 of the team Kata match-ups.

Swansea women’s have won the relay in a tight race, while Swansea tennis also look to be on top.

10:30 – In the thick of it

The second wave of sports – cricket, golf and swimming – have all started.

News from the first batch – Cardiff’s Netball are looking comfortable, they’re lead is 30-9 at half time. Cardiff’s Taekwondo have also won 9-1 in single person Kata thanks to several unanimous panel decisions.

Tennis doubles looks like it will be an intriguing match-up, as both teams struggle to get one-up on each other.

10:00 – And we’re off!

The first batch of sports have begun. Athletics, Badminton, Netball, Sailing, Tae Kwon Do and Tennis kick off today’s action.

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Swansea 2 – 5 Cardiff

Good morning and welcome to the Welsh Varsity day live blog!

We will be bringing you all the latest updates and final scores from across all sports involved in Varsity today.

Thanks to the victories taken before today, Cardiff have taken the early 5-2 lead in their bid for the Varsity Shield. Despite Swansea’s win in the first matchup of the Varsity in Cycling and another in Equestrian, Cardiff have hit back with wins in Rowing, Archery, Rifle, Kickboxing and last night’s Waterpolo.

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