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Theft and what you can do

By Anwen Williams

If you’ve ever been a victim of theft, you’ll know it sucks. It’s horrible to think that someone will go to the trouble of scouting out your bike and then cutting through your lock to steal your bike, but unfortunately it does happen – and quite a lot among university students.

With Cardiff being a cycle-friendly city, it’s likely that many of you will choose to invest in a bike for transportation, therefore it’s important that your bike is kept safe during your time here. The university and the police frequently send around notices concerning the safety of your bike. The thing they’ll stress about the most is investing in a D-lock for your bike. They state that the biggest reasons behind bike theft is the quality of the locks being used, bikes being left in an unsafe location, and failing to lock the bikes properly.

For one student studying at Cardiff University, it came as a surprise when her bike was taken from the front of her house in a well-lit area behind the students’ union. She said “I feel like someone went out with the intention of stealing my bike, as they’d brought bolt cutters with them and had clearly been watching the house”. She also stated “I’ve heard that there are those locks that can’t be broken with pliers, but I don’t have one and I don’t know what they’re called. If I knew that then, it’s possible that things could have been different”.

In order to reduce the chance of your bike getting stolen, it’s advised that students leave their bikes near other bikes and in a well-lit area. It’s recommended that the frame along with the wheels are locked to a bike stand. If your bike is new or expensive, it might also be worth looking in to having your bike insured, as newer or expensive bikes are more likely to be stolen, and it’s worth the investment if you’d be devastated from the loss. In terms of investing in a D-lock, they’re available to purchase online or from university campus security.

If you’re unfortunate enough to have had your bike stolen, there’s a few things you can do. Firstly, you can call into the police station – which is situated just by the glamorgan building, and report your bike stolen. Alternatively you can call to report by using 101. You can also register details on, where if found by the police then it can be checked against the register, and returned to you.

Unfortunately many stolen bike cases remain unsolved, so its better to be safe than sorry. Stay smart about your safety, and D-lock it up!

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