The One in Four campaign – Quench’s mental health campaign


In support of Cardiff University and Cardiff Students’ Union’s signing of the Time to Change pledge, Quench Magazine is delighted to announce the One in Four campaign, a student media initiative to support and enhance efforts by both organisations. This campaign will commence in association with gair rhydd, the Union student newspaper.

Statistics show that people will suffer from one in four people will suffer from mental health difficulties each year. The campaign takes its name from this statistic, and will aim to increase awareness both of the frequency of mental health problems, and the effects they have on the day-to-day lives of people across campus and the country at large.

Our aims:

  • To promote open dialogue about mental health issues on campus
  • To raise awareness of services available to students
  • To foster a safe environment for both those who are mentally well and experiencing mental health difficulites.

Our plans:

  • To undertake an awareness campaign both in print and digitally over the course of this academic year.
  • To produce a student media mental health reporting guide to equip reporters and editors in student media with appropriate knowledge with which they can address sensitive situations, and avoid language that will perpetuate mental health stigma.
  • To produce signposting materials that will equip students with the necessary information that will allow them to see the right people in times of need.
  • To produce regular editorial tackling issues facing those with mental health difficulty, regardless of whether they are students or academic staff. This will include a feature at the end of the year that will revisit the findings of Michael O’Connell-Davidson’s Picking up the Pieces feature.
  • To encourage the university to raise more awareness of student support available to students from the moment that they arrive.
  • To provide regular updates to the student body with regards to the progress of the Time to Change pledge.
  • To work with the new officer team in implementing and promoting measures that will promote mental well-being for students.