Cardiff Student Media Awards 2016 with Premiere Cinemas






The Cardiff Student Media Awards 2016 – hosted on the 30th April in the Great Hall – were a great success. Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible, including Premiere Cinemas for sponsoring, Venues and Events for doing a fantastic job, and a huge thank you to Student Media Coordinator Elaine Morgan. We really couldn’t have done this without you!

Thanks are also due to Steve Wilford and all of this year’s Sabbatical Officers, who have ensured we’ve had one of the best years yet as Cardiff Student Media.

Have you been photographed? Check out Alex Stewart’s photos from the event. 

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Best Producer (Xpress)
Nominees: Luke James, Sophie Ellis
Winner: Samantha Palen

Best Reviewer (Quench)
Nominees: Saman Izadyar, Alexander Jones
Winner: Rosanna Hitchen

Best Editor (CUTV)
Nominees: Louis Browne, Joe Rowland
Winner: Chris Priestley

Best Interview (Gair Rhydd)
Nominees: Gwen Williams, James Lloyd
Winner: Carwyn Williams

Best Speech Programme (Xpress)
Nominees: Get Topical, Beleaguered Football Fans
Winner: The Clinic

Best Short Form (Quench)
Nominees: Jack Glasscock, Lucy Pierce
Winner: Sadia Pineda Hameed

Best Feature (CUTV)
Nominees: Daniel Heard, Bethan Dyer
Winner: Chris Priestley

Best Writer (Gair Rhydd)
Nominees: James Lloyd, Maria Mellor
Winner: Helena Hanson

Best Male Presenter (Xpress)
Nominees: Charlie Knights, James Wilkinson
Winner: Jamie Williams

Best Music Writer (Quench)
Nominees: Jack Boyce, Dillon Eastoe
Winner: Mark Sweeney

Best On Screen Personality (CUTV)
Nominees: Louis Browne, Mark Wyatt
Winner: Arianrhod Engebø

Best Sport Writer (Gair Rhydd)
Nominees: Jim Harris, Jason Roberts
Winner: Jamie Smith

Best Daytime Programme (Xpress)
Nominees: The (Un)Official R&B Show, Gab and Meg
Winner: Lloyd and Luke

Best Designer (Quench)
Nominees: Bryn Evans, Emily Giblett
Winner: Jasper Wilkins

Best Programme (CUTV)
Nominees: Charlie Knights, Joe Rowland and Daniel Heard
Winner: Hannah Westall

Best Section – People’s Choice (Gair Rhydd)
Nominees: Politics, Sport
Winner: Comment

Best Female Presenter (Xpress)
Nominees: Angharad Jenkins-Wendon, Hannah Gamblin
Winner: Ella West

Best Long Form (Quench)
Nominees: Molly Wyatt, Emily Jones
Winner: Jason Roberts

Best Category (CUTV)
Nominees: Drama, Sport
Winner: Music

Best Journalist (Gair Rhydd)
Nominees: Joanna Beck, Charley Griffiths
Winner: Anna Lewis

Best Evening Programme (Xpress)
Nominees: Rockturnal, Sunday Night Jazz
Winner: Urban Soul

Best Editor (Quench)
Nominees: Eleanor Parkyn, Saman Izadyar
Winner: Jack Glasscock

Exceptional Contribution by a Newcomer (CUTV)
Nominee: Anthony Coote
Winner: Joe Rowland

Best Section (Gair Rhydd)
Nominees: News, Science
Winner: Comment

Best Newcomer
Nominees: Edward Stone, Michael Eley
Winner: Luke James

Contributor of the Year (Quench)
Nominees: Molly Wyatt, Jack Boyce
Winner: Elis Doyle

Most Dedicated Member (CUTV)
Winner: Louis Browne and Joe Rowland

Outstanding Contribution (Gair Rhydd)
Nominees: Jim Harris, Anna Lewis
Winner: Carwyn Williams

Special Recognition (Xpress)
Highly Commended: Harry Bligh
Winner: Charlie Knights

Best Section – People’s Choice (Quench)
Nominees: Column, Music
Winner: Film and TV