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Instagram’s influence

By Rhiannon James

Instagram aims to be a positive platform where people can share their favourite images. How Instagram makes you feel is up to you, it can...

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How To Deal With Money Management

By Grace Crowley
For the majority of students, university is a first-time dive into managing your own finances.
Dealing well with money is a valuable lesson to...


Stay Educated: The Fresher’s Flu

By Molly Govus
Freshers’ comes with many highs and lows, but one of the lowest of lows is the dreaded Freshers’ flu. We’ve all been there; safe to say...


The ‘First Year Fallacy’

By Luisa De la Concha Montes
“To start from zero”, a phrase that can be equally exciting and daunting. Exciting, because it’s full of possibilities...


The University Mental Health Guide

Freshers’ is a time for lists: hopping lists, things you need for your kitchen, a list of important documents.
Sometimes the list feels never ending...


Surviving First Year Academia

First year can be academically daunting, but there are ways to make sure you feel ready and prepared for the step up to University. In this article, our advice...


Safer Sex in Cardiff

Freshers' Week is always a wonderful time of excitement, fun and new opportunities; nevertheless, it is important for students to stay safe and educated in...