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11-a-side IMG Phase 1 Group Stage Drawn

By Mark Wyatt

Cardiff University 11-a-side IMG football has started up again for another year and the four league draws for Phase 1 were finalised last week.

Captains from all 28 sides met with the heads of IMG to finalise the draw for the first period of the season.

Current Champions CARBS FC, who finished last season only losing one match, have been drawn into La Liga in what looks like a relatively easy group for the veteran side.

Ligue 1 looks like it’ll be the ‘group of death’, featuring four sides who were in last season’s top group – Chemistry FC, Real Socsiedad, Engin Locco and Gym Gym.

This year there are a handful of new clubs joining the IMG ranks including Borussia Teeth and the Vinyl and Music Appreciation Society Football Club (or VMAS FC as they’ll be known).

IMG leaders will be hoping that they can replicate the outcome of Phase 1 from last season, when no games were postponed and the fixtures were completed well before their expected deadline.

New rules will now be put in place for the 2017/18 season which will allow teams to start their Phase 2 fixtures in the autumn term if they have completed Phase 1.

This new rule will mean that there is a greater chance that all fixtures will be played in time for the end of the season before Easter.

Gair Rhydd Sport this year will be hoping to bring even more IMG content and cover as many matches as possible over the season.

Fixtures begin on Wednesday 11 October and we will be bringing an update on the tables and results weekly.

If you are involved in any IMG sport and would like to feature your club in one of our issues then please email us at sport@gairrhydd.com and we’ll do our best to get your club an exclusive.