11 Welsh students sent to hospital in one night because of alcohol related incidents.

11 students admitted to hospital Photo credit:
Wales has one of the largest binge drinking problems in the UK.
11 students admitted to hospital Photo credit:

By Alys Hewitt

11 students were admitted to the University Hospital of Wales last week due to issues related to alcohol consumption, according to Cardiff and Vale University Health Board. A spokesperson for the hospital has stated that this is a cause for concern, as it ‘take[s] emergency care away from those patients who need it most’.

The influx happened over a single night on Wednesday 18th of October, and has led to renewed warnings that students, especially those who have only recently moved to university, learn their limits and stay responsible when it comes to alcohol. The University Hospital is no stranger to such incidents; alcohol-related casualties occur every year during Freshers Week, partly because of the popular phenomenon of initiation ceremonies for sports teams and societies.

Wales itself has one of the largest binge drinking cultures in the UK, according to statistics from 2016, with almost 1 in 7 Welsh adults admitting to drinking 14 units of alcohol in a single day, a figure substantially higher than that for both England and Scotland. When combined with the drinking culture of university, it seems that some Welsh students are at a particularly high risk of suffering alcohol-related health problems in both the short and long term.

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