12 Reasons to do Exercise

Credit: W_Minshull via Flickr

You don’t want to go to the gym today. Here’s some motivation to get you out of bed.

Sleep. You’ll drift off much easier and sleep deeper, feeling more refreshed the next day.

Weight. You’ll burn calories and continue to burn them off long after you’ve left if you work out properly.

Skin. You’ll be able to fight breakouts and reduce excess oil, flushing toxins and the like.

Long-term health. You’ll be decreasing your chances of contracting conditions like diabetes or heart disease in the long run.

Bad foods. You can almost justify that tub of Ben and Jerry’s or that six-pack of VKs

Mental health. You’ll be able to manage stress and anxiety better. Excess adrenaline will be wiped away, and by tiring your muscles out you’re bound to feel much more relaxed.

Mood. You’ll be able to fight or ward off depression- endorphins, dopamine and other positive chemical will swill around your brain and help lift your mood.

Laziness. You won’t feel guilty about not going tomorrow. What better excuse is there than to say you’ve already been?

Housemates. Your housemates will stop teasing you about the cost of your membership- you might be able to start teasing them back about being lazy, but this is not actively encouraged.

Body confidence. You’re bound to feel more body confident as you achieve your goals. This varies from person to person but can really help you feel more positive.

Boosting the brain. You might even stave off Alzheimer’s or other similar conditions- it can also help sharpen memory and aid concentration and focus.

Productivity. You’ll get more done, and be more productive in the long run

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