US Election 2020: Live Results

Join us live for all the updates from the Presidential race for the electoral college to the battle for the senate.

Arizona and Maine called for Biden, edging him closer to the 270 Electoral College votes needed.

Biden has said in response that “it’s not my place or Donald Trump’s place to declare the winner of this election. It’s the voter’s place”

Trump has said that he has already won the election and that there is “fraud” going on.

According to data from the New York Times, both Arizona and Nevada look to be going for Joe Biden. However, we won’t know until they are called!

At 59% of votes counted, Nevada, which could be a vital state in what is turning out to be a very close race, is reporting 51.5% of votes for Biden to 46.8% for Trump.

Texas has been called for President Trump.

After regaining her seat, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has praised Democrats for maintaining their majority in the House of Representatives.

Trump has tweeted that he will make an addres tonight, tweeting: “I will be making a statement tonight. A big WIN!”

Biden has addressed the public, saying “we are on track to win this election”, and that “it ain’t over until every vote is counted”‘.

The electoral college now stands at 213 votes for Biden to 174 votes for President Trump.
The popular vote has Biden ahead by roughly 1.3 million votes.

Donald Trump wins Florida.

The entire state of Georgia has stopped counting for the moment, and will resume tomorrow.

Biden is expected to speak very soon from Wilmington, Delaware.

Iowa, Montana and Ohio have been called for President Trump.

NYT has shifted its needle for Georgia to a 63% chance of Biden winning.

Biden wins Minnesota.

Ballot counters in Atlanta, Georgia have been sent home for the night.

Biden wins Hawaii.

CNN projects Trump to win Ohio.

Pennsylvania may not finish counting its votes until Friday, along with Fulton County, Georgia.

Some pundits have stressed the significance of the ‘red mirage’ in states such as Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, which may give an early inflation of Republican votes.
There was no early counting of mail-in ballotsin these states, and these ballots are expected to be majority Democrat votes. Once more votes are counted,could the result may suit Democrats slightly better, though this is by no means a guarantee.

Utah called for President Trump.

More results coming in now:
California, Oregon and Washington State called for Joe Biden
And, Idaho for Donald Trump

New Hampshire called for Biden.

As vote counting draws to a close in Florida, North Carolina, and Texas, Trump leads all three states.

There are just over 50,000 votes separating President Trump and opponent Joe Biden in the key battleground state of North Carolina, with 7% of votes left to be counted.

Missouri has been called for Donald Trump.

Confidence in polling seems likely to be seriously in question, after a number of elections in which most polls have predicted the wrong outcome. Time will tell what this means for the polling industry.

Whilst this election could still be anybody’s, it is becoming clear now that the Democrat landslide predicted by some is not going to materialise.

Philadelphia officials have have said they will not be reporting anymore mail in results tonight, which disproportionally affects Democrat voters.

Kansas called for Donald Trump.

Nevada’s Supreme Court has denied a request made by the Republicans and Donald Trump stopping Clark County from courting ballots until they are allowed to observe the process.

With 93% of votes counted, Trump looks set to win Florida. However, the state is yet to be called.

Colorado called for Joe Biden.

Madison Cawthorne is to become one of the youngest lawmakers in US history at 25-years-old.

DC, the US capital, called for Joe Biden.

Sarah McBride becomes the first openly Trans person to be elected a state Senator.

Fox News is projecting that the Democrats will maintain control of the House and expand their hold by five seats.

Florida has counted 91% of their votes, so a result should be expected any moment now.

With Texas at 61% of votes counted, Joe Biden leads at 50% of the vote with Trump behind at 48.7%.

The electoral college now stands at a projected 119 votes for Joe Biden, compared to 93 votes for President Trump.

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A piece of election night trivia:
Greg Pence, brother to Vice President Mike, has won re-election in Nevada, and Liz Cheney, daughter of ex-VP Dick Cheney, won in Wyoming.

Joe Biden wins New York and New Mexico.

North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Louisiana, and Nebraska have been called for Donald Trump.

Trump called as Indiana winner.

QAnon now has a supporter elected to the US House of Representatives. Majorie Taylor Greene has won Georgia’s 14th Congressional District.
Greene has said the 2018 record diverse US midterms were “an Islamic incasion of our government” and said Barack Obama was a Muslim and Hillary Clinton a serial killer, amongst other inflammatory claims.

A legal assistance hotline has recieved increasing complaints of voter intimidation compared to past years.

A Trump advisor has said the winner of Florida could be key – “If Florida goes for Biden, then the game is over. But if Florida does go for Trump, then boy, game on”.
Florida now has 91% of ballots reported, and Trump is currently leading at 50.6% to Biden’s 48.4%.

Tom Cotton re-relected to the Senate in Arkansas.

Trump called as Arkansas winner.

A number of polling stations in Nevada are remaining open for another hour after a technical fault delayed their opening. Nevada’s election results will be brought back by an hour as a result.

After a number of states came in at once, Joe Biden stands at a projected 85 electoral college votes, to President Trump’s 55 votes. The race is to 270 electoral college votes.

Florida update:
So far, with 87% of ballots reported for Florida, President Trump is ahead, leading by 1.2% in a tight race.

Cory Booker and Mitch McConnell have been re-elected to the US Senate.

Joe Biden has been declared as the winner of Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Massachusets, and Maryland.

Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Oklahoma have all been called for President Trump.

Trump has been called as the winner of South Carolina.

The most expensive senate race in history was recorded in North Carolina, where Republican candidate Thom Tillis and Democrat Cal Cunningham both faced controversies in the closing moments of the race.
It is currently too close to call, in a race in which Tillis contracted coronavirus and Cunningham was exposed for sending ‘romantic texts’ to a married woman who was not his wife.
Republicans are defending their majority in the Senate, looking to keep 50 Senators from their current 53 in order to maintain control – or 51 if Biden wins, since the Vice President has a tiebreaker vote in the Senate.

After reports of a delay in the opening of polls in Nevada earlier today, the Republican Party has asked for an hours extension to polling in 22 locations

Large numbers of Democrats are being re-elected in Florida. With 73% of the projected vote counted, Joe Biden is ahead.

Virginia has been called for Joe Biden.

West Virginia has been called for Donald Trump.

With more than 50% of expected ballots counted in Florida, Donald Trump is currently ahead of Joe Biden. It’s sure to be a close race.

Telegraph reports that three key states to watch and make up part of America’s “rust belt”.

Biden has been called as the winner in Vermont

Kentucky has been called for Trump.

President Trump has been projected a win in Indiana, CNN reports.

Very soon polls will close in seven US states:
Georgia, a tossup according to polls.
Indiana, looking like it will be Republican.
Kentucky, a projected Republican win.
South Carolina, also expected to vote Republican
Vermont, a Democrat stronghold.
Virginia, which could go either way.
Florida, an historic swing state.

Protesters have begun gathering outside the White House – mainly anti-Trump, the Telegraph reports.

The Trump campaign has said it is more confident than it was in 2016, saying it was confident that election deay turnout would help it take the lead.

Kanye West has voted for the first time in his life – for himself, the Evening Standard reports.

AP reports that two-thirds of voters have said they voted based on their opinion of President Trump.

Maine is set for a record turnout this year; it’s projected to beat its previous record of 72% CNN reports.

The Latino vote could be essential in the race for Arizona. An growing Latino population in the state has made the state more of a battleground than in previous years, and Latino participation is rising fromcompared to previous years.

The battle for Congress is vital this year, as the Republican Party seeks to maintain control of the Senate.
In Tennesse, there is a race for the seat being vacated by retiring Senator Lamar Alexander. Former ambassador to Japan Bill Hagerty is representing the GOP, facing off against Democrat Marquita Bradshaw.
Hagerty is ahead in the race as it draws to a close.

YouGov has estimated a Biden victory, with a margin of 9% in the popular vote, and a projected 382 electoral college votes – a huge victory for Biden.

Exit polls may be weighted generously towards Republicans tonight, who have been much more likely to vote in person today, whilst Democrats have been appearing in higher numbers during early voting and using mail-in voting.

According to early exit polls, the electorate is reportedly less white and better educated than in 2016 – both key groups for Biden.

Polls have closed in Indiana and Kentucky, both of which Trump is expected to win this year.

Turnout is projected to be as high as 67% – an 11.3% increase from 2016, according to the NYT.

Across the UK electorate voters are in favour of Joe Biden, a YouGov poll shows. Groups in favour of Biden include Leave voters and Conservative Party voters.

The key groups for Trump in this election are seen to include white women and white people without a college degree, and independent voters, who Trump won the overall support of in 2016.
Biden seeks to gain independent or former Trump voters, elderly voters, college educated voters and Black and Latino voters.

Biden made no commitment to address the nation tonight, despite his campaign manager stating earlier said he would do so regardless of what happened.
Asked if he would respond to Trump if the President declared victory early, he said: “It depends on what he says and how he says it.”

Long queues have been reported across the US as voters line up to cast their ballots. Despite the coronavirus pandemic citizens are lining up to make their voices heard.

Voters have been asked what are the most important issues to them in the first exit poll of the night.
– The Economy: 34%
– Racial Inequality: 21%
– Coronavirus: 18%
– Crime and Safety: 11%
– Health Care Policy: 11%

The Republican party has set up a “war room” at the White House, controversial as the White House is seen as belonging to the people rather than a political party.

Biden’s campaign manager has said he will address the American people tonight, no matter the result.


Some of the key states to look out for tonight include;

– Pennsylvania

– Florida
– Texas
– Colorado
– Arizona
These states could well decide the election.

Mail-in ballots have been a point of controversy this election with incumbent President Donald Trump questioning their legitimacy. Ultimately, different states rules on what mail in votes will be counted and which votes will be thrown out could decide the election

Polling for the election has predicted a Biden win for this election but polling has been less then reliable in recent years and so all’s to play for tonight!

Still unclear on how the US electoral system works? Check out Tom Kingsbury’s article on how it all works.

Trump, when asked about his thoughts on tonight’s election, said “Winning is easy, losing is never easy”.

Turnout in this election is expected to be higher then many elections prior with over 100 million early ballots cast in the lead up to the election.

Our US 2020 election coverage has begun! Stay with us for all the major updates throughout the night.

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