5 housemates everybody has

by Phoebe Grinter

Before you know it, freshers’ week is over and it’s time to start thinking about who you want to live with next year. When looking for housemates, you need to make sure every box is ticked. In every student house, there are 5 vital roles that need filling:

The Chef: Takeaways are great until you check your bank balance the day after a night out, and see that you managed to spend a week’s grocery money in one drunken sitting. The role of house chef is not only to ensure that you are eating, but eating healthily. The chef is the one who can turn anything they find in the kitchen into a meal, preferably without using the microwave. They make sure everyone eats something green at least once a week, not including pesto pasta!

The Cleaner: When moving into your own house after a year in halls, you really do realise just how much of a saint your cleaner was! Despite leaving threatening warnings about the state of the kitchen, they would still clean it from top to bottom, week in week out, knowing full well their hard work would be unnoticeable the following day. The person who takes on the role of house cleaner will have their work cut out for them, but the pride they can take in their work, plus the respect they will earn from their housemates, is satisfaction enough.

The Sensible One: This member of the house is arguably the most invaluable, and without them you would not make it through the year. They are the type of person who will hold your hair back while you’re vomiting in the toilet, then update the ‘Chunder Chart’ with your shameful behaviour. That’s not to say that this person can’t enjoy a night out too! As long as they make sure everyone gets home alive, they have fulfilled their purpose.

The Driver: It can get competitive when trying to find a house, and if you end up getting one in some dodgy back alley, a 4-mile hike away from civilisation, having a housemate who can drive would be a godsend. No more early morning treks to lectures in the pouring Cardiff rain: your knight in a shining Corsa will be waiting for you just outside.

The Funny One: Being students, it is unlikely that you will want to spend money on a TV license when you can spend it on a few big nights out instead. However, you will need some form of entertainment. The role of the funny one is quite self-explanatory: to provide 24/7 entertainment for the whole house. It may sound simple, but it’s a big job to take on, and few are truly capable of it, so make sure you bag the best.

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