A Cheap but Cheerful Valentines Day

Photo credit: Source: Flickr via Maria Eklind 'love heart'

During the Christmas break Valentine’s Day seems ages away, but Christmas soon comes and goes and so does the student loan. Buying for many friends and family at Christmas can leave student lovebirds pushed for pennies, but do not fret! There is still plenty to do on Valentine’s Day even on a budget!

For the people who appreciate the simpler (and cheaper) things in life, a lovely walk might be ideal. Cardiff has a few different parks that are definitely worth exploring, including Bute, Roath and Heath. From miniature railways to quaint boat rides (think Bridget Jones) it’s always an nice, easy option!

Evening meals can cost a pretty penny, so go out for brunch instead! At this time of day, the menu can be a lot cheaper and they often have deals. One of my favourite places in Cardiff is the Cosy Club in the city centre, which has a brunch menu available till 5pm, with the option to have a meal and hot drink for £7.99. It is, as the name suggests, pretty cosy and chilled out, and somewhere to take it easy with your date.

If you fancy doing something a bit more exciting, you could always explore the different types of amusements in Cardiff . Hidden on the 3rd floor of the St David’s Shopping Centre is the gem that is Rainforest Adventure Golf. If you’ve never been, make sure you go! With student and 2-4-1 offers on the golf courses throughout the day, it is sure to bring out your competitive side! Superbowl UK (next to the stadium) also have different offers, like 2 games of bowling for £6 after 6pm. Likewise, Cineworld have really cheap cinema tickets at the moment. ‘The Shape of Water’ has been branded an ‘unforgettable love story’, so worth a look. Or if you’re feeling a bit more daring, rumour has it Mr Grey is back in cinemas on the 14th.

Perhaps you would prefer a drink or two? Some live music? Whilst many queue until 2am to get into Live Lounge on a night out, it can be quite chilled out during the day and early evening. Free as usual and still showing a variety of bands, you can relax with your loved one and have a meal at the music hub during the day. If you decide to stay longer, there are plenty of drink deals and 2-4-1 cocktails throughout the night.

For those of you who fancy a change of scenery, why not go on a day trip somewhere? Bath, Birmingham and Bristol are all accessible by the Megabus from as little as £4, saving you big bucks. I recently went to Bristol Zoo with my boyfriend on the Megabus and the whole day came to roughly £20. There are plenty of coffee shops, museums and parks to mull around for the day and of course a variety of shops to spend your savings made in.

Or if you want to keep it nice and simple, you could always just stay in, cwtch on the sofa and forget it’s even Valentine’s Day. Rom Coms (Bridget Jones being my personal fave), or maybe you would prefer a movie marathon? Star Wars series could keep you busy all day if you fancy challenging yourself and of course, there’s always Netflix.

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