A guide to booking holidays with friends

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Lydia Caunce

t’s that time of year again, everybody is sick of the rain and starting to look for the perfect sunny location that will become a beacon of hope and get them through their 9ams. Booking holidays with friends is something from my personal experience is always a nightmare. A lack of communication and different ideas is almost always a recipe for disaster, and if not executed properly, this whole process will end in tears and fallouts. Something nobody wants, especially with their friends. Whilst it’s easy to fall into the trap and end up with no holiday booked at all, it can all be avoided by following a few simple steps.

Set a time that you all can meet and properly discuss your ideas. Talking over the whatsapp group is never going to work, as there’s always going to be someone who doesn’t like any of the ideas suggested but never speaks up, and they will be the first to complain. Meeting over a takeaway and having a casual chat about who wants to go where is always the best way to establish what type of holiday you’re going on. Whilst it may be awkward at first saying you don’t want to go somewhere a friend has got their sights set on, it’s better to speak up and find a middle ground that you’re all happy with than going along with it. Whether you’re interrailing, travelling around the world to Australia or literally just want a pool holiday in a hot country, without communicating properly you’ll end up bored and at home all summer, or worse paying for a holiday you don’t even really want to go on.

When having the conversation about location, never forget to mention that all important detail – budget. In an ideal world money would be no object when picking your perfect holiday, but this is the real world and for the most part we’re all broke students. Holidays can be as cheap or expensive as you make them, however if you have £400 in the bank and you all decide you’re going to Bali, it has to be accepted that it just isn’t possible. Speaking up and telling your friends that you can’t afford a certain place isn’t something to be embarrassed about. However, if you establish a budget in the first place you can avoid these expectations being crushed when it just isn’t feasible, and you can all be on the same page from day one.

You’ve finally reached a milestone now, you’ve all decided on where you want to go, your budget has been established and finally the end is in sight. You almost have a holiday booked with no fatal injuries. There’s just one thing left to do – actually book it all. At this point, if you haven’t been super organised and been able to do all of this in one night, bring back your friends and reconvene once again for the final time. For some holidays it is better to book in at a travel agents, and if this is the case make sure your whole group can come to the meeting, as there is always that one that says they’ll ‘book onto the holiday next week’ and never does. Not a the end of the world, but still not ideal. However, if this holiday is something you’re booking yourself online you want everyone to be there to make sure that the hotel you pick is up to everybody’s standard, as no one wants to have the whole blame put onto them because they were in charge of hotels.

Whilst it may be easier said than done, it is more than possible to book a holiday with your friends and come out with little to no battle scars. By following this guide you should be able to book the holidays of all your friends dreams, and have something to help you get motivated to finish the term.

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