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Why should students vote for you?: The question candidates responded to. Source: madartzgraphics (via Pixabay),

Gair Rhydd Politics asked each of the candidates standing in Cardiff Central to respond in 100 words: “Why should students vote for you?”

Brexit Party – Gareth Pearce

“Being a student in the UK now means leaving higher education with huge debts due to high tuition fees and maintenance costs. With the Conservatives are offering no extra help to students, and the Labour Party offering false hopes, it’s time to look to an alternative solution at this election.

The Brexit Party has a realistic aim of scrapping interest on tuition fee repayments, which have risen to 6% in recent years meaning students owe back far more than they even borrow to fund their education. Scrapping interest would be a small step in the right direction to helping students, by putting more money in graduates pockets to help with other aspects of life such as getting on the housing ladder.”

Conservative and Unionist Party – Meirion Jenkins

I was born and bred in South Wales and went to school in Ynysawdre.  In my professional life, I founded, built and sold a software business and am currently a director of a number of software and IT businesses. 

I would commend students to vote Conservative for three reasons;

  1. It’s us or a hard left Corbyn govt.  If Corbyn wins and does what he says, he will cause severe damage to the economy in which you are about to start building your career. You will have fewer opportunities and you will earn less. The savings that your families have built up over decades of hard work could be decimated.
  2. Labour cannot tax Wales to prosperity (+£2400 a year for each of us). It is proven that low taxes and free markets are the only way to bring prosperity to all and only the Conservatives will deliver this.
  3. Voting Conservative is the only way to deliver a proper Brexit, which I believe is in the UK’s best interests and, besides anything else, if you believe in democracy, Brexit is a democratic mandate from the British people.”

Gwlad Gwlad – Siân Caiach

I’m 62, I went to University in the ’70s when everyone’s fees were paid and students from poorer
backgrounds like my own had subsistence grants as well, which covered our costs. My own children have not been so fortunate. Its a great concern to me that the current fees and costs paid for by loans are going to be a severe burden to many, for years after graduation, many loans never fully paid off. I’d like to see the debt burden on students reduced drastically, in fact, I don’t agree with any interest on student loans for fees or living costs.

Independent – Akil Kata

They can see me coming through this hard life, with being students they’ve struggled. All I say is that students, like myself, I was a student, look at alternative options.  Why should they go for this party or that party when they have not delivered? 

The last three years we have been wasting time, or they have been wasting our time and our money. For the next election I have a great idea, it could save the government £100 million on their election campaign and this idea will be put forward later on because we’re wasting roughly £100 million a year on election campaigns. 

That would be part of the climate. Instead of wasting all this paper on party electoral campaigning. I would say use technology for the next election where we can introduce a safe system for every voter. Me, as a technologist can say it will be safe with data protection, we can get rid of all this paper. It is time for the people of Cardiff to think again about what their politicians have offered and what they have delivered.”

Labour Party – Jo Stevens

” From fighting Brexit and its catastrophic effects on our universities and our country, to
helping students challenge dodgy landlords and rip-off letting agents and running
student-specific advice surgeries in the Student’s Union, I’ve been your strong voice in
Cardiff Central and Parliament.

A UK Labour Government will tackle the climate emergency with our Green New Deal,
give you the final say on a Brexit deal or remaining in the EU, abolish tuition fees and
provide every home with free full-fibre broadband.

With me as your Labour MP you’ll know you’ll have a hard-working, effective and
independent-minded representative.”

Liberal Democrats – Dr Bablin Molik

” I am a Cardiff University alumni & spent several years doing my BSc, PhD and then teaching at the university. The transition to becoming independent and your own person happens during the years of university and my time at the university will always remain precious to me.

I stand on the liberal democrats manifesto: ‘Plan for a Brighter Future’. The commitments we make in this manifesto is to stop Brexit and ensure that every person has the opportunity to grow and relish their aspirations in life. That no-one is held back due to where they were born, their gender, colour, creed or disability.

As a mother to two young girls, I want to see them progress and achieve their ambitions in life; as I want for every single young people growing up in this country. Whether it’s through our ambitious plans to tackle climate change; investing in our education system, NHS and public services; or in tackling injustice to mental health; I stand with Liberal Democrats to make sure our young people have a better future they deserve; a future that we can pass to them without any regrets.”

Socialist Party of Great Britain, Brian Johnson

We were unsuccessful in receiving a response.


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