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A new musical opportunity: The Overture Society

Over the past few decades, musical theatre has become ever more culturally relevant since it has the power to connect different genres of art and artists all into one. Cardiff University is no exception from this; we have many students that share the same passion and love for musical theatre. Luke Morgan and Nicola Morgan, two freshers at Cardiff University and both musical theatre lovers, thought that musicals weren’t emphasised enough in our societies, except for the occasional performance from the drama society. One of the objectives of creating the Overture Society was the connection that musical theatre creates between people. We also believe in the importance of using it as a link between all the different cultures that compose our University. Luke Morgan, now the president of the Overture Society, sees one of its main features as being “the openness to any kind of expression and creativity” and says that he “thought that by creating an enthusiastic group it would result in the production and enjoyment of fantastic art”.

The society is run with “democracy at its heart” says Luke and it includes a very diverse group of people with different skills and cultural backgrounds, united by their love for musical theatre. Within the committee decisions are made through votes, even though everyone’s opinion is taken into consideration. As a musical appreciation society, Overture seeks to provide new members with many opportunities to engage with the musical theatre world and enjoy the social life of Cardiff. Luke explains that “In the same way that our member base and skill set is varied, we aim to make our activities and socials just as varied.” These will include trips to the theatre to watch the latest musicals, movie and open mic nights, showcases and workshops. The Overture society is a new society starting this semester. With their enthusiasm they aspire to create a place where members can express their love for music and theatre, providing an area where they can be free to open their hearts and be appreciated for what they are.

– Andrea Gaini

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