A night out in the ‘Diff, from taxis to takeaways

Wherever you go, if you’re with the right people it’ll be a fun night in the ‘Diff!

By Anna Dutton

Before the night begins, pre-drinks, prinks (as the welsh say) or pres take place. This is my favourite part of the night! You get to know your new flat/house mates a little better, and the good music playing gets you in the zone. Pres can be tricky; drink enough to buy fewest drinks in the club, but not too much or you’ll get refused entry- speak to anyone in their second/ third year and they will assure you it’s a balancing act…

Getting into town is phase two. Walking is for the brave (it’s a bit far from Taly) or those kept warm by their beer jackets. As for taxis, Dragon Taxis are quite reliable, and Uber is a brilliant addition to the city. Both have Apps available making booking easier once a head-count takes place.

Cardiff SU.jpg

In town, each different venue offers a distinct atmosphere and vibe. Greyfriars Road is closest, with the chain clubs Pryzm, Glam and Tiger Tiger residing here. Pryzm contains different floors, with varying music- the disco room attracts most. Opposite the castle stands Revs (Revolution) attracting students on a Tuesday for some R&B and Hip Hop. Slightly pricey drinks, but after dressing up, magically, they become affordable! Womanby St homes Clwb Ifor Bach, commonly known as The Welsh Club. Attracting an alternative audience, you’ll find indie music event ‘Propaganda’ hosted here. Although some drinks are expensive, splurge a tenner, and some Red Stripe is great to share.

Finally, Live Lounge, another town-based venue, is worth mentioning. A free-entry venue, open until 4 am with live music every night. The music varies and drinks are cheap. The average age is difficult to trace; you’ll have 18-year olds in the same room as 50- year olds, but everyone gets involved. Arriving as late as 2am still gives you time to dance on the stage!

The SU is my favourite night out in Cardiff. SU nights are Wednesdays, where you’ll be accompanied by societies, and has free entry before 11. Saturday nights, branded ‘Juice’ (paid entry of £5) is my weekend preference over town because it’s a guaranteed fun night (the entry price is also the same). Also, within the SU, fast food is available at cheap prices to avoid venturing further. Compared to town; it’s closer, you’ll always bump into someone you know when you lose friends, and the atmosphere is great.

Signalling the nights end are the words “let’s get chips”. In town, the main food venue is McDonalds, venture deeper into town and you’ll find Chippy Alley; a whole street dedicated to postponing a hangover. Heading towards Cathays, you’ll notice lots of kebab shops. For convenience last year, I preferred T&A’s, but others include Mumma’s, Chicken Cottage, and Family Fish Bar. Prices are cheap; chips (always with cheese) are £2.50- all portions are hearty too.

The above is by no means extensive to your average night out, and there’s a whole host of venues that I’ve yet to experience myself. Wherever you go, if you’re with the right people it’ll be a fun night in the ‘Diff!

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