A typical daily student routine

A usual working routine for a student. Source: Pikist

Two student contributors discuss exactly what they would do on a day to day routine with their university commitments.

By Stephanie Cartledge | Contributor

I usually wake up early (I try for 8:30AM, but sometimes it’s more like 9:00AM) just because I feel less tired and slow for the rest of the day if I wake up at a decent time.

I then make breakfast, making sure it’s always something substantial just so I’m not hungry up until lunch time, then I go back to my room and relax for a little (usually scrolling through TikTok to be honest).

After roughly an hour of essentially relaxing, I do some yoga to stretch and wake myself up a little more. Following this, I’ll often look at my list which I always write the night before – writing a list of the things I want to do the next day really helps me be more proactive, though I want to point out that I don’t always do everything on my list (in fact most of the time I don’t), but I like having it and it’s definitely satisfying ticking things off.

Up until lunch I will do stuff like have a shower, clean my room, draw, etc.

After, I’ll have lunch and then, finally, do some work.

I always start work at around 2:30PM – 3:00PM, just because this is when I feel the most productive.

Depending on whether or not I’ve been on a run that morning, I will go out at around 3:30PM or 4:00PM for a walk and/or coffee, just so I can get some fresh air.

When I get back, I will try to work all the way up until dinner, then afterwards, I usually end up just resting in bed relaxing and talking to friends.

At around 10:00PM I will do about half an hour of exercise, just to work my body after being inactive all day. Not too long before bedtime, I will write my list for the next day, then I will try my best to keep off my phone before sleeping, just because I often sleep better if I do this – usually this results in reading a book for half an hour. 


By Megan Shinner | Contributor

Starting University comes with a whole load of new responsibilities and independence. How do you manage it all? Below I have mapped out a daily routine that I try to follow during the week.

8am wake up and breakfast. It’s super important to eat something in the morning. Even if it’s just a piece of fruit or cereal bar, food really is for thought, especially with seminars and most of your studies being asynchronous, it’s important to get the cogs turning.

8:30am practise room I find I am most productive before 10am. As a music student, I use these productive hours to complete a task essential to my course. This way, one of your bigger activities is done for the day and if you start off being productive, you are more likely to continue utilising your time efficiently. For other courses, this may be sports training or a big assignment.

9:45 coffee break

10am check emails

11am Seminar

12pm Post Seminar work I find it best to do homework or notes straight after a seminar. It’s much better to get this bit out of the way so you can enjoy your evening.

1:30pm Lunch Exercise is really important in reducing stress and releasing endorphins. A lunchtime jog around Bute Park or a workout video in your room may be a good idea in this break. Or, this could be a perfect opportunity to get some laundry in from the overflowing clothes bin in your room!

3pm Seminar

4pm Post Seminar work

5:30pm Dinner

6:30pm Seminar prep for next day

8:30pm Socialise This could be a time when you call home, meet with your flat mates for a drink or have a zoom quiz! It’s important to reward yourself after a long day.

10:30pm Watch a film/ Read Going to bed after work can be draining so having something to “wind down” to ensures a more settled night sleep. Whether it’s an episode of a TV show or a few pages of a book, end a successful day with something you enjoy.

11pm Bed


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