A Year In Retrospect


Freshers night was a huge success for the SU! Over 17,000 club tickets sold, which was a huge increase from last year’s numbers! I wonder what the statistics will look like next year! Ticket sales lead SU officials to believe that JUICE would sell out more often this year! And the saturday night’s at the SU are still incredibly popular. The LGBT+ society night PLWS also sold out before doors opened! The inclusive night has been a hit with everyone

Team CUSU volunteering during Freshers week was very succesful! Over 500 students took part volunteering during freshers week alone. 10,800 students collected their Student ID cards through the enrollment system, organised by CUSU volunteers to keep everyone in the queue and at the right place, at the right time!

19,000 people took part in Cardiff’s 15th Half Marathon around the city for 13.1 miles. Many people took part, from professionals to amateurs, (Including our own editor Ashley Boyle!) and some lunatics in costume!


The Annual General Meeting (AGM) – students debated six motions, information about annual spending, and important updates. Trustees were scrutinised about how the SU should be run in order to be funded sustainably following news that in the financial report that it had been operating at a loss of £2 million in 2016/2017. This was followed by a tiny profit of £262,000 in 2017/2018 and no solutions were suggested.


The main event of february was of course Speak Week! Breaking the record with over 3,500 responses filled out.

Election week – What can I say, election week was tense


Cardiff Volunteering project ‘Make a Smile’ were shortlisted in the Whatuni Student Choice Awards 2019

A speaker from the LGBTQ+ and interfaith panel, Hannah Ryan commented on the event that also took place in march:

‘We hosted an LGBT+ Interfaith panel – which was headed up by Rory Wade – and consisted of various members of different faiths discussing their experiences as religious members of the LGBT+ community. It was a fascinating discussion and served as a great space to talk about issues often not spoken of within the community.’

Cardiff Students Union shortlisted for the NUS Wales HE Students’ Union of the Year Award. Which we have since won!

Election results – You know who won, and this week was just as tense as campaign week!

After a week of mayhem, potion making and out-of-hand lightsaber tournaments Cardiff’s Sci-fi and Fantasy society won the annual nerd varsity! Try out next year with your favourite nerds!

Fringe Festival was a huge success as always! With hundreds of societies getting involved over the week in events such as the variety performance, Go global, and showcases from societies such as the A Cappella society!

What’s next?

The annual events covered by Gair Rhydd this year are sure to go ahead again next year. I hope the amazing strides made during Speak Week, and the LGBT+ and Interfaith panel, among many other brilliant events, go on to bring around more change within the University, the SU, and for each and every student.

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